Best Hotels in Nakuru

by Ekai Kaoo  - November 28, 2022

Nakuru is a tourist destination both locally and internationally, there are wonderful sceneries and fresh water Lake Nakuru which is known for Flamingo natural teaming around the lake. The guests will get various accommodation facilities, the following are some of the best hotels around Lake Nakuru. Hill court resort and spa the hotel has 46 rooms the room will be customized as per request like if you want an extra baby bed it will be provided. The hotel has executive suites, single and double rooms, twin rooms and deluxe, all the rooms are clean and well furnished. The environment is quiet with a magnificent view. The hotel staff is welcoming and the meals are very delicious and healthy.

Midland hotel is located along Geoffrey Kamau way, the hotel has 87 rooms which are beautiful and spacious, the hotel bear some history of Nukuru in early 1900’s where the first class railway passengers were known to be given accommodation in the hotel and the hotel is also known to have accommodated some great people like queen mother. The internet is available 24/7 through WiFi connection. There is a customer care desk to cater for your needs and a telephone. There is a bar in the hotel and the pricing on their drinks is fair.

Hotel cathay Nakuru The hotel is located in Tom Mboya street close to Bontana hotel in Nukuru town, the hotel has 64 rooms there are conference rooms and a clean swimming pool. The hotel has a lift facility for those who have booked rooms upper floors. They serve buffet for dinner and breakfast. The officials of the hotel are very welcoming and caring. Graceland hotel a visit to this hotel will give you a wonderful memory, the view of the garden from the rooms, wonderfully prepared meals, the clean swimming pool and great meals. The staff is very welcoming and ready to assist where necessary.

Hotel Genevieve it is located along Mashindano street next to Kanu street in Nakuru town, it is close to the shopping center. The hotel has 97 rooms which are simple and clean, each room has a television, towel, tissue and soap. The beds are comfortable and the bathroom is well maintained. The food served in the hotel is delicious and healthy. There is a laundry facility and a bar. The hotel is ideal for those in a cheap budget of touring lake Nakuru. Hotel Bontana the hotel is located in Nakuru town, it has 92 rooms, a wonderful swimming pool and there is a club next to the hotel. The hotel serves great meals for breakfast and dinner. The staff gives a warm welcome to all the visitors and assistance to ensure that you are comfortable.

Carnation Hotel is located at a corner of mosque road and off Gichua road in Nakuru town, the hotel has 16 rooms, the rooms are spacious and cleaned on a daily basis, each room has a television, a telephone, towel, soap and tissue. The staff members are always available to assist the guests where necessary. The meals are delicious; the hotel generally gives you an experience which you will never forget.

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