Best Hotels in Mombasa city

best hotels in mombasa city


Voyager beach hotel is a great hotel located in Nyali along Mount Kenya Road off links road, the rooms are spacious and beautiful, the view of Mwanamkuu beach and the sea from the hotel is amazing for space lovers, there is no need to operate the AC in the rooms for breeze is enough in the room, the rooms are spacious and they are attended by cleaners daily. The location of the hotel gives an easy access to sporting facilities, historical and cultural attractions and the hotel hosts entertainment in the evening. The hotel is close to shopping malls like Naivas, close to bars and eateries. For booking call: +254 20 4446651 or visit their website at [email protected].

Kenya Bay beach hotel, it is located in Bamburi beach in Mombasa city. The hotel has 106 superior rooms which are well furnished, each room gives a breathtaking view, the hotel serves variety of buffet every day, it gives the guests a good experience, there is a swimming pool and the staff is welcoming and caring. Kahama hotel, its official postal address is 10626- 80101, Bamburi Mombasa, the rooms of Kahama hotel are very spacious, clean and beautiful, the food is wonderful, the swimming pool is clean and warm, the staff is very professional and caring.

Sarova white sand beach resort it is located along Malindi road in Bamburi Mombasa, the rooms are wonderfully finished with everything you could want for comfortable rest and entertainment, you get a closer view of waterfalls, sandy beach, swaying palms and beautiful gardens. The food is delicious served for breakfast and dinner, the hotel offers evening beach games and live entertainment at night, to book this wonderfull beach hotel call: +254 412 128 000 or email: [email protected].

Sentido palm beach resort the hotel is located along Malindi road in Bamburi beach Mombasa, the rooms have a clear view of the beach all the rooms are well furnished, the rooms have different sizes to suit your need, they are attended daily to ensure cleanliness, Karibu cottages are more spacious and the rooms at the back are quieter. Makwetu resort, it is located in Moyne Bungalow road in Nyali Mombasa. The hotel has big rooms with homely set up, there are one bed roomed rooms and two beds roomed, the rooms are customized to suit the needs of the guest, there are standard rooms with fridge, air conditioners and hair dryers, there are also comfort rooms which contain all that is in standard rooms plus a plasma television and tea and coffee served at your convenience. The food is wonderfully prepared and the experience in the hotel is memorable.

Traveler beach hotel and club, the hotel is found along Malindi road in Bamburi Mambasa city, it is a good choice for those who like peace which comes with quietness, the rooms are lovely with a traditional touch in their finishing and the hotel gives a home experience which is unforgettable. The accommodation has luxurious facilities, telephone, split conditioner and balconies. The food served is very delicious; the hotel staff is friendly and caring for your comfort ability in the hotel.

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