The three essentials of health

the three essentials of health



Its very important to keep the body in good condition/health to allow proper and normal functioning of body’s parts and systems.Health influences mind which in turn influences somebody’s choices and hence character.

Good health is determined by the following three main elements which include:





Our bodies are built up and kept health by the food we eat.There is a constant breaking down of the tissues of the body.Each organ of the body requires its share of nutrition.Every movement of every organ involves waste and this waste is repaired from the food we eat.The cells,tissues,organs and systems of the body function properly when they are well nourished.As long as one eats variety of foods he/she will be getting all nutrients needed by the body.

A balanced diet should include;



-Fruits and vegetables

Carbohydrates are needed to fuel the body with energy for movement,physiological activities and carry out daily activities.The body requires more carbohydrates in order to replace the muscle fuel(glycogen).Carbohydrates are found in fruits,vegetables,cereals and grains.Healthy foods high in carbohydrates include ones that provides dietary fiber and whole grains as well as those without added sugar.Its recommended to choose whole fruits,eat vegetables at every meal and start the day with a whole grain breakfast.

Proteins are body building which stop the body from breaking down muscle tissues for energy and initiate the process of rebuilding and repairing the muscles.

Water helps in digestion,removal of waste product,cooling the body,production of body fluids.


Its absolutely required for body strength and development.This helps the brain to upgrade itself and should be done in the morning.Some of the exercise techniques include invisible skipping,jogging,press-up and sit-ups.

Benefits of exercise

-Improves immune system

-Strengthen bones and muscles

-Reduce anxiety and stress

-Achieving ideal weight

-Regulate blood pressure,strengthen heart muscles and improve blood circulation

-Improves mental efficiency and promotes clear thinking

-Helps improve efficiency of lungs and oxygen flow

-Help release hormones in the body that helps naturally staminate mood

Improve digestion

-Tones the body and prevent chastity


Enough sleep/rest is very essential since it:

-Helps the brain commit new information to memory through the process of memory consolidation

-Helps relax the body for better functioning

-Improves concentration and mood

-Improves immune function especially B-cells responsible for making antibodies.

A person who eats well(balanced diet),does exercise and gets enough sleep/rest lives stress free life,health life and lives longer.






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