Services Provided by Kapedo Sub-county Hospital in Kenya.

by Ekai Kaoo  - March 16, 2022

Kapedo was initially known as Kapedo sub-district hospital Kenya adopted system of county devolution. This hospital is located in a trading centre called Kapedo in Turkana East (Turkana County) and serves a population of around three thousand people from Kapedo and the surrounding. Although majority of people who access the services are form Kapedo (turkana), neighbouring community (pokot) alsoattend the hospital for medical services.

Despite the fact that Kapedo hospital is at sub-county level, it is still headed by a clinical officer with assistance from nurses. The hospital has a bed capacity of 28 beds and four cots. It generates its electric power from solar which was installed by the ministry of energy of the republic of Kenya. This hospital is approximately 309 kilometers from Lodwar town and 87 kilometers from Marigat town.

There are several services which are provided by Kapedo sub-county hospital to the people of Kapedo trading centre. They include:

a)      Antiretroviral therapy.

This is a type of treatment given to the people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). It also involves nutritional support, spiritual support and emotional support.

b)      Family Planning.

This is a service that is provided to help curb child spacing in families so as to achieve the desired number of children in a family.

c)      Curative in-patient services.

Since Kapedo hospital has a bed capacity of 28 beds, patients with severe illness are admitted for further management and close monitoring. Those patients who develop complications are in most cases transferred to Kabarnet county hospital. Kapedo hospital has an ambulance that is used for emergency cases.

d)     HIV counselling and Testing.

This service is provided to all clients who attend Kapedo sub-county hospital and wish to know their status (HIV status). This service is majorly provided to antenatal mothers attending clinics to prevent mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS.

e)      Immunization.

Children who are born within or outside Kapedo are usually immunized in Kapedo hospital. The children are given different vaccines until the age of five years to prevent the children from contracting diseases such as measles, polio, whooping cough and tuberculosis.

For more information about this hospital, you can contact:

P.O. Box 18, Lodwar, Kenya.

Family Health Options Kenya Clinic
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