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Services offered by the Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital in Kenya

services offered by the lions sightfirst eye hospital in kenya


Health is important to any individual in the society and who are able to take care of their bodies. Most people therefore visit most health centres for their body screening and treatment of the diseases diagnosed. This have therefore ensured that many hospitals and health centres have been established to offer these services to the people.

Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital is one of the best hospitals which offer not only eye services as the name suggests but also other health services to the society. Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital is located in the uptown estate of Loresho in Nairobi. This institution has been recognized by the Medical Practitioners and dentist board as a specialist recognized training Centre. The lions Medical Training Centre has also trained students in small incision cataracts surgery (SICS). Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital was established in 1997 and they had few facilities but since then, they have been able to develop and expand and acquire the most modern equipment for the better services offer.

Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital has the objective of eliminating preventable and treatable blindness by offering equitable, efficient and comprehensive patient care, sight enhancement and rehabilitation services related to specialized services. The services that they offer in regards to eye and sight include the diagnosis and treatment of Cataracts, Refractive errors, Glaucoma, Squint, Uveitis, Computer Vision Syndrome, Ptosis, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Orbit and Oculoplasty, Low vision, Age related Macular degeneration and Amblyopia. They also have different departments offering other services and include;

Dental services: it provides dental services and the clinic is located in the Lions services Centre offering full range of dental services to adults and children. These services range from routine dental care to the latest methods in restorative dentistry. This dental unit is manned by highly experienced dental surgeons who work closely with other specialists to provide pre-operative screening for patients with medical conditions that might affect their dental health.

Renal services: this hospital has a renal unit providing services related to the kidney and its functions. For instance, kidney failure alters the filtering mechanism becoming seriously inefficient. This may cause disorders such as High blood pressure and diabetes. The unit therefore carry peritoneal dialysis and kidney transplant as well as hemodialysis. The hospital renal unit is equipped with four ultramodern dialysis machines and therefore patients can be able to get the services and conveniently.

Ear services at Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital: this unit deals with the ears of the deaf and partially deaf. Apart from the normal treatment of those with hearing-related ailments, other activities carried out by the unit include awareness campaigns, hearing screenings and the provision and services of hearing aids. This unit also provide the advice that people should have to avoid the ear and hearing problems such as avoidance of noise to protect the ear and other advices to prevent the hearing complications. They offer the solutions to these ear problems through different ways such as comprehensive hearing evaluations, use of hearing device consultation, hearing device fitting and real ear verification measures.

Laboratory services: Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital offer laboratory services to their patients as it has a lot of equipment required by the patients. The laboratory investigation required for patients care to ensure physical health status before eye surgery. The laboratory is dedicated to provide comprehensive and high quality laboratory services to the communities, physicians and patients. Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital believes that each patient should be treated as an individual whose laboratory testing forms as an integral part of their total medical care.

Pharmaceutical services: Lions SightFirst Eye Hospital has a pharmacy providing a comprehensive service to all of the clinics’ patients. It provides the prescriptions of all the drugs that the patients purchase from the pharmacy. This pharmacy also provides supplies items to both inpatients and outpatients.



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