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Services offered at Topcare Nursing Home

services offered at topcare nursing home


Topcare Nursing Home is a rapidly growing health institution in Kitengela town that is duly registered by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentist Board. It’s a private health institution which was started as an outpatient clinic in January 2009 with a mission to provide quality healthcare services which are accessible and affordable to all. In July 2009 we expanded to include full outpatient and inpatient services. Topcare Nursing Home is located about 250 meters off Namanga Road on Miriams Road. The facility is easily accessible from all areas in Kitengela and is open for 24 hours. It is in a secure environment and is constructed as a health facility and maintains highest levels of cleanliness. It has enough clean water and an internal sewerage system. Topcare Nursing Home also has a functional incinerator as part of a waste management system.The vision of Topcare Nursing Home is to be the leading quality healthcare provider in Kitengela and the region and its mission is to provide affordable quality healthcare services to all.

Services offered at Topcare Nursing Home

The services include:

• Outpatient services:24-hour out-patient which involve diagnostic,curative and preventive treatment as well as emergy care and referrals supported fully by functional laboratory services,diagnostic imaging(ultrasound,Xray),dental,physiotherapy and optical services.

• Inpatient services-There are enough and spacious beds to accommodate the admitted patients as they receive their medication. Family members and friends are allowed to visit their patients during the following hours;morning 7.00am-8.ooam,afternoon 12.30-2.00 pm and evening 5.00 pm-7.00pm.Expectant mothers can also deliver in this hospital.

• Laboratory services-All medical laboratoratory investigation tests are carried out here and quality and accurancy is maintained. • Maternity services-Check-ups for expectant mothers are carried out to ensure good health of the mother and the unborn child. • Antenatal clinicics • Postnatal clinics-Paedeatric specialists are available who ensures health of the child is maintained. • Child welfare clinics including immunizations such as Polio vaccine,Measles vaccine,Diptheria vaccine,TB,mumps,tetanus vaccines etc. • Family planning clinics are carried daily • Counseling services to clients such as couples on family planning and health lifestyle. • VCT services • HIV care and treatment including prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) • Minor surgeries including circumcision • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy services • Well stocked pharmacy which is duly stocked to cater for medication of in-patients,out-patients and also the surrounding residents

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