Services Offered at Mukumu Mission Hospital.

by Ekai Kaoo  - February 20, 2023


Mukumu mission hospital is a private hospital that is owned by Catholic Church (diocese of Kakamega). It is a famous hospital in western region of Kenya because it admits patients and offers other services to clients that attend this mission hospital. It has a bed capacity of 240 beds and it is estimated to admit a total of six thousand patients on in patient basis and fourteen patients on out patient department annually.

This hospital is surrounded by Isukha and Idakho community and they are the majority of the people who attend the hospital for various services although the hospital also receives referrals from neighboring communities who reside in Nandi, Bungoma, Vihiga, Mumias, Butere and Busia

Mukumu mission hospital is also known as St.Elizabeth hospital, Mukumu and is located along Kakamega – Kisumu highway. It is approximately 7 kilometers from Kakamega town.

The services offered at Mukumu mission hospital includes:

  • Counseling services.
  • Out patient and in patient services.
  • Laboratory services.
  • Pharmacy services.
  • Minor and major operations.

The counseling services are done to people who come for HIV and AIDS testing. This is provided in the VCT centre within the hospital. Those people living with HIVAIDS are also managed here for antiretroviral therapy, nutritional support, emotional support and spiritual support.

The hospital has qualified and highly trained (knowledge and skills) surgeons who carry out minor and major operations. Sometimes the hospital receives referrals from Kakamega provincial hospital whenever there is a power breakdown.

The out patient department is the most busy place because they treat people with minor illness (both paediatric and adults), there is antenatal clinics, immunization of children, family planning services (all under maternal and child health), physiotherapy, ultrasound, x-ray and other clinics such as eye, dental, ENT (ear, nose and throat) and TB clinic.

Patients with severe illness and those who require surgical procedure are admitted as in patients to medical and surgical wards and the wards for male and female are separated. These patients are normally admitted for close observation and further management.

Laboratory department has qualified staff to guide in medical diagnosis through laboratory studies while the pharmacy assists in supplying drugs to patients. A person from outside can also come and purchase drugs form the pharmacy.

This hospital is guarded 24 hours by security guards at the gate and the same security guards help in directing the patients to various departments according to their needs.

For more information about Mukumu mission hospital, you can contact the management at:

St.Elizabeth Hospital, Mukumu

P.O. Box 127 – 50100 , Kakamega, Kenya.

Telephone number: 056 41009 or 056 41156

[email protected].



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