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Services Offered At Kijabe Hospital

services offered at kijabe hospital


Kijabe hospital is a faith based hospital in Kenya. It is located about 60 kilometers North of Nairobi city. The hospital was started by the missionaries in 1903 during which it was used as an outpost by the missionaries. The hospital initially composed of a facility called Theodera hospital but later changed its name to Kijabe hospital in 19961.

The hospital is owned by the African Inland Church (AIC) of Kenya. It forms part of the four hospitals and 45 dispensaries that are owned and run by the AIC in Kenya. The hospital is mandated to provide quality health services to the community living around Kijabe as well as referred cases from various health facilities in the region.

Recently the hospital has increased its bed capacity to about 350 with five operating inpatient wards which include:

  • Obstetrics and gynecology ward

  • General surgery ward

  • Medicine ward for children and adults

  • Rehabilitation ward

  • Ward for neonatal care.

The hospital also has nine operating rooms with a twenty four hour casualty department, an outpatient clinic and a full service dental facility as well as an eye clinic.

Various services are offered at this hospital, a number of them being referral cases. These services are offered at various department of the hospital such as:

  • Physiotherapy department

  • Laboratory department

  • Radiology department

  • Pharmacy

  • Central medical supply

  • Inpatient

  • Outpatient

The hospital runs an outpatient facility that services to general illness that occurs within a short notice. The outpatient also comprises of ophthalmology, tuberculosis, AIDS, Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, diabetes and high risk pediatrics clinics. Kijabe has really expanded and serves a big population. It carries out approximately 200 operations every month with main operations carried out being prostatectomy, removal of cancerous tumors, sequestrectomy, ORIF femur, tubal ligation, exploractomy, laparotomy, hysterectomy and skin grafting.

For more information contact

Address: P.O Box 20 Kijabe Kenya.

Mobile: 0712504056

Tel: 0203246500






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