Services offered At Batian Medical Centre Kitengela

by Ekai Kaoo  - January 8, 2023

Batian Medical centre is a private medical clinic located in Kitengela town,Kajiado county a diastance of 40 km from the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi along the Nairobi-Namanga highway.Its located in Red Heron 2nd floor adjacent to Naivas Supermarket,Kitengela. Its headed by Dr.Kiarie and its open for surgical,gynecological,family planning and phychological consultations.

General gynecological consultation-There is multidisciplinary team of experienced clinicians and specialists nurses who strive to provide outpatients with the best care by keeping abre of the fast changing panorama of women’s health such as:

  • Management of heavy menstrual bleeding

  • Endometrial test

  • Pregnancy test

General surgical consultation such as:

  •         excisions of lipomas

  •          Male circumcision

  •          Hernia repairs

  •          Excision of skin appendages

  •          Simple reduction of dislocated joints under sedation

Pharmacy-It’s a department that deliver promptly,good quality drugs accessible and affordable to patients at the point of care.It procures,stores and dispenses drugs/dressing to patients,provide information on drug related issues to patients and other health workers and monitors adverse drug reactions.

Ultrasound services-Batian perform routine gynecological scans and specialized scans for Prenatal Diagnostic Centre(PDC) and the Early Pregnancy Unit(EPU),the antenatal care.EPU facilities prompt access for patients with 1st trimester complications and aims to centralize and streamline assessments,diagnosis,management and counseling of patients with conditions such as miscarriages and ectopic pregnancies.Also manages other surgical conditions such as masses and growths,ascites,liver pathology,kidney issues,organomegally,testicular emergies and torsion.

Vaccinations-All types of vaccinations are offered here such as polio,tetanus,pertusis,diphtheria,mengitis C,haemophilus influenza type b,measles,mumps,rubella and cervical cancer vaccines.

Cancer screening-This is done inorder for patients to get immediate treatment before it worsens,prevent its occurance.Aims at detecting cancer before symptoms appear in order to prevent,detect earlier and provide subsequent treatment.

Laboratory services-Tests are done on stool,urine,blood,pus swab,sputum,conjuctival swab,urethral swab and ear swab samples.Tests carried out may include for HIV test,blood sugar,pregnancy test,blood grouping,sickle cell anemia,tests for presence of pathogens,full urinalysis,full medical report services

Antenatal clinics-Provide modern maternity services with ultramodern delivery suites.

PAP smear screening tests-Clinical examinations is undertaken to access for any anemia and also to rule out potential organic causes of HMB(cervix cancer screening).

Well men and women clinics-Healthy education,screening(prostrate cancer for men and breast/cervical cancer for women) and counseling for healthier lifestyle is accorded to the clients at anytime and no need of appointments.

Also family planning education and services are provided

General medical services such as pre-conception counseling,fertility issues,antenatal,post-natal matters,childhood,adolescents medicine,midlife crisis and geriatric medical care.

Health cards acceptable

  • NHIF

  • AAR

  • Resolution health cards

  • Kenya commercial bank

  • Family bank

  • Britam

  • Linda jamii

  • Genius health



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