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Quality And Affordable Maternal Care In Jacaranda Health Facility In Nairobi, Kenya


The Jacaranda Health Kenya is a healthcare outlet just off Thika Road, towards Ruai in Nairobi. Jacaranda Health Kenya is a health centre that offers maternity services in Nairobi. Jacaranda health facility in Nairobi was created due to the sole reason that every year quarter a million babies die in childbirth in Africa. The deaths of children during birth in Kenya are caused by bad health facilities, infections, post partum bleeding and a host of other factors. There was a need to create a health facility in Kenya that helps reduce the number of maternal deaths in Kenya.

Jacaranda Health facility in Nairobi caters for the middle class and lower class people in Kenya who are not able to pay lots of money for the maternity service in Nairobi. Jacaranda Health facility in Nairobi is made for the peri-urban areas and the outskirts of major towns in Kenya. Jacaranda Health facility in Kenya is suitable for low income areas in Kenya where the living and health conditions are very low. This is because in Kenya urban areas, most maternity clinics in Kenya are either too expensive or are not licensed. The unlicensed maternity clinics in Kenya can be detrimental and even be harmful to the health of anyone willing to deliver a child there. Jacaranda health clinic in Nairobi along Thika Road fills this gap since it is a great health facility outside Nairobi with state of the art equipment appropriate for delivery service in Kenya. The Jacaranda hospital in Nairobi is very clean and every expectant woman has her own room. Jacaranda Health facility in Nairobi caters for the women of the peri-urban areas in Kenya who are normally the bread winners of the family ensuring that they have safe delivery and are not absent to take care of their homes.

Jacaranda Health facility in Nairobi is an affordable health facility in Kenya and the clients are not from the upper class of the society. These middle class women in Kenya desire quality healthcare at an affordable price, which Jacaranda Health Hospital in Kenya provide. Services provided in Jacaranda Health facility in Nairobi include: clean hospitals, great access to information on maternal health in Kenya, welcoming nurses and midwives in Kenya, great health facilities and a serene environment. Jacaranda Health facility in Nairobi is located in Ruiru which is an area in Nairobi that is quiet and with fresh air. Jacaranda Health facility in Kenya is an ideal location to delivering in Nairobi.

Jacaranda Health Hospital has a great team of health professionals in Nairobi who dedicate themselves to giving high quality healthcare to Kenyans at an affordable cost. The Jacaranda Health facility in Nairobi have a great Human Resource Officer and his work is to oversee all recruitment matters including interviews, performance management among others. The Jacaranda Hospital in Kenya have a Director of clinical operations whose work is to oversee all the technology, strategy, health information, innovation and management. Jacaranda health Facility in Nairobi has a vision of becoming the global laboratory for innovation. It strives to incorporate the best protocols and systems. They also strive to provide the quality healthcare needed in Kenya at an affordable price. Jacaranda Health facility in Nairobi milestones are that they have provided maternity health care in Kenya to over 4,000 women. Jacaranda Health facility in Nairobi have impacted over 20,000 family members. Some of their improvements in technology in Jacaranda Health facility in Nairobi are that they have cut down the emergency transport time, ensuring that the emergency cases in Nairobi are well delivered to the referral hospitals within Nairobi on time. Jacaranda Health facility in Nairobi has a culture of giving respectful maternity care. The Jacaranda Health facility in Nairobi clinical guidelines are well stipulated and they are tailored to the cultural backgrounds. This is a great facility for anyone considering a maternity hospital in Nairobi. One can be rest assured that they will get personalized service that is quality in Jacaranda Health facility in Nairobi. Jacaranda Health centre in Kenya has plans to open other branches in other parts of Kenya to give quality and affordable maternity care to women in Kenya.

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