Popular Rehabilitation Centers In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - July 31, 2022

A large portion of the Kenya population today is faced with a threat of drug addiction. These comprise of both the youth as well as the elder people in the society. The commonest substances abused in Kenya include narcotics; cocaine, bhang, heroin, tobacco, and other substances that alter the mood of the users. Alcohol is the commonest drug abused in Kenya. To reduce the effects accompanied by abuse of these substances various rehabilitation centers have been put up across Kenya to help the addicts come out of the dangers and continue with their normal life.

The following is a list of Rehab centers in Kenya:

  • Asumbi treatment center, Langata Road

Mobile: 0715997445

  • Asumbi Treatment center, Ridgeways Branch, Kiambu Road

mobile: 0711657481

  • Asumbi Treatment center, Karen Branch,

Tel: +254-202322497

  • Blue Cross, Mombasa Road,

Mobile: 0722231273

  • Blue Cross,

Mobile: 0720652024

  • Conquerors with Christ Trust Rehabilitation center, House 961 Next to PCEA Church off Thika Road,

Mobile: 0727268232

  • Blessed Talbot Recovery center, Ndumberi,


  • Asumbi treatment Centre, Homabay branch.
  • Anti-Abortion and drug abuse- Kenya, Kenote Road,

Mobile: 0735987043

  • A.P.D.K rehabilitation Clinic,

mobile: 0723732010

  • Cerebral Palsy Society of Kenya,

mobile: 0700665580

  • Drug fighter and counseling for the Young, Mbagathi Road,

Mobile: 0722557735

  • Eldo care Recovery center Eldoret-Iten Road
  • Forward Resolutions Trust, Embu road,

mobile: 0718769381

  • Eden Vilage, Lower Kabete,

mobile : 0726552476

  • Faith treatment and rehabilitation center, Muranga-Kathewa road
  • Freedom Homes,

Mobile: 0723632501

  • Good hope Rescue center, off Mombasa-Nairobi Highway.
  • Freedom from addiction Organization( Alcohol and Drug rehabilitation), Biashara street ,

Mobile: 0720277447

  • Good hope Rehabilitation center,

mobile: 0722909478

  • Haven Recovery center,

Mobile: 0722620511

  • Jorgs Trust and Jorgs Sober House, Old Limuru Road,

Mobile: 0723692848

  • Harmony restoration and empowerment center,

Mobile: 0733970553

  • Jorgs ark center, Limuru road.

mobile: 0721712968

  • Lamu anti-Drugs, Harambee road.

Mobile: 0711459102

  • Movement Against substance in Africa,

Mobile: 0720316019

Kakuku Dispensary
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