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Maisha Annual Plan Medical Cover: Accessing Ambulance Services In Kenya Via AMREF Flying Doctors

maisha annual plan medical cover accessing ambulance services in kenya via amref flying doctors


When you have a family in Kenya, you quickly discover that some services need to be on your list of important services. Health care in Kenya is one of those services. Accidents in Kenya happen when you least expect in places you cannot even begin to anticipate. However, when you are covered by the Maisha annual plan in Kenya, you do not have to be excessively worried when an accident or an illness in Kenya will occur in your home or while you were traveling. This Maisha annual Plan in Kenya enables you to receive the needed help wherever you are in Kenya. So what is Maisha annual plan in Kenya?

What is Maisha Annual Plan in Kenya?

Maisha annual plan is a plan that allows you to have access to AMREF flying doctors in Kenya. The Maisha Annual plan in Kenya ensures that wherever you are in Kenya, you have access to ambulance and air services in Kenya when you are in need. Maisha Annual Plan in Kenya covers 2 air ambulance evacuations and 2 ground ambulance transfers. This Maisha Annual Plan in Kenya cover is not determined by the time of day or night an emergency occurs to a person covered as it is available 24 hours a day.

Packages offered under the Maisha annual plan in Kenya

There are four packages offered under the Maisha annual plan in Kenya and these packages depend on the regional boundaries. The bronze package under Maisha Annual Plan in Kenya covers the whole of Kenya while the silver, gold and platinum packages under Maisha Annual Plan in Kenya cover Kenya and other parts of Africa. The Maisha Annual Plan packages in Kenya start form Kshs1,800 per annum. Therefore, depending on your traveling habits in and out of Kenya, the Maisha Annual Plan gets you covered.

How to register for Maisha annual plan in Kenya

Registering for a Maisha annual plan in Kenya is not difficult. You can access the www.flydoc.org website and start the registration process to become a part of Maisha annual plan in Kenya. First, learn about the various packages on offer and select a package under Maisha Annual Plan in Kenya. Register for the Maisha Annual Plan in Kenya by following the instructions. Add beneficiaries to Maisha Annual Plan in Kenya and make your payments via the available means.

Advantages of Maisha annual plan in Kenya

Once you register for Maisha annual plan in Kenya and make you payments, you are assured of being covered for the year. This means that you can travel all over Kenya and enjoy the sights knowing that in case of an emergency, you can be quickly evacuated. The Maisha Annual service in Kenya covers remote areas in Kenya and is especially beneficial to those who work in the outskirts of Kenya. The medical personnel of AMREF flying doctors service in Kenya are highly trained and they provide medical services on the way to a hospital during emergency cases.

Volatile situations, illness and accidents in Kenya are a part of life. However, a good medical cover plan in Kenya may end up saving your life as you are assured of adequate medical care in Kenya or outside Kenya at the soonest possible time. It is vital for every individual to think about their health care in Kenya and especially the healthcare of their family. Under the Maisha annual plan in Kenya, individuals and beneficiaries of the Maisha plan are covered well and can rest easy in case of emergencies.

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