Location Of Kakamega Provincial General Hospital (PGH) In Kakamega Town In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - September 2, 2022

Kakamega Provincial General Hospital is a provincial hospital for the former Western province in Kenya. Kakamega Provincial General Hospital in Kenya is level five hospitals in the health care delivery system in Kenya. Kakamega PGH in Kenya is in the heart of the Kenyan western region making it accessible to many people in the region.

Kakamega provincial general hospital (PGH) in Kenya is located in Kakamega town, which is situated 55 kilometers from Kisumu city of Kenya. Kakamega PGH is now the Kakamega County referral hospital in Kenya, because it is located in Kakamega town in Kenya, which is the headquarters of the current Kakamega County. Kakamega County in Kenya is the second populated county in Kenya and hence, the hospital services a lot of people from all corners of the Kakamega County.

The Kakamega PGH in Kenya is 1KM from Kakamega CBD (central business district) and a person can use various ways to get to the hospital. The Kakamega PGH is also 500 meters from the Kakamega – Kisumu Road on the way to Shinyalu Centre in Kenya. If you are travelling from Kakamega to Kisumu city in Kenya, there is a sign post indicating the direction of the Kakamega PGH after the Kakamega police divisional headquarters in Kenya. The road that leads to the Kakamega PGH is on the left from Kakamega and it is between the Kakamega police divisional headquarter and Kakamega administration headquarter in Kenya.

There is another road which can lead one to Kakamega PGH in Kakamega. The road is branching from the main Kakamega roundabout on the Kakamega – Kisumu Road but on the left side. The main round about is opposite the Kakamega County headquarter offices in Kakamega and the Yako supermarket in Kakamega. This road will lead to another around about (200 meters from the main Kakamega roundabout) on the way to Shinyalu Center in Kenya, but you will be required to turn on the left side (this way passes through the Kakamega County office in Kenya and Kakamega High Court in Kenya). Once you reach Kakamega High Court in Kenya, you will join the road from the Kakamega – Kisumu road, and this road will lead to the Kakamega Provincial General Hospital.

The motorcycles and bicycles are the main means of transport to the Kakamega provincial general hospital in Kakamega, although sometimes vehicles are boarded in times of emergency conditions. These motorcycles and bicycles to Kakamega PGH are located outside the Yako supermarket in Kakamega and near the Masinde Muliro garden in Kakamega. The motorcycles charge Kshs.50 to Kakamega PGH while bicycles charge Kshs.30 to get to Kakamega PGH. Those who do not need emergency services can walk on foot and it takes only 20 minutes from the Kakamega CBD.

For further assistance, you can call the Kakamega PGH hospital in Kakamega using the phone number +254720295739.

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