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Lions eye hospital: The sight first eye hospital

lions eye hospital the sight first eye hospital


Lion’s sight first hospital is located in a quiet place in a Nairobi uptown estate called Loresho, the hospital started in the year 2005 as a training center for eye specialists. The institution has managed to produce several surgeons in small incision cataract surgery. Lions sight first eye hospital offers several treatment to the following eye complications; cataract, refractive errors, glaucoma, squint, uveitis, squint, computer vision syndrome, ptosis, pediatric ophthalmology, amblyopia, neuro ophthalmology, orbit, oculoplasty, diabetic retinopathy and low vision.

The cataract condition is mostly caused by age; the patients have an opaque vision which leads to decreased vision. The irregular shape of the lens to bending of light and the vision becomes unclear; the opaque lens cuts the light in total causing blindness. Some aged persons will have their eye proteins affected leading to the eye condition of cataract. There are other causes of this eye complication which include; diabetes, trauma and inflammation.

The patient will notice by having cloudy vision, difficulty in identifying colors, light sensitivity and driving difficulties especially at night and frequent change of spectacles. Cataract condition can only be treated by surgery, the procedure involves injection near the eye followed by an incision to remove the cloudy lens, implantation of a hard plastic lens and a final stage of stitching, it is a walk in walk out treatment, it is painless and chances of infection are very low. You should know that your eyes have cataract when your vision affects your daily activities, the surgery can be done in any season of the year.

Refractive error is an eye condition caused by the eye ball being larger or smaller than the required size or abnormal power of the lens. The condition will lead to light rays being refractive behind or in front of the retina causing blurred vision. People with refractive error will have far sightedness or near sightedness. This eye abnormality causes problems in reading and looking at both far and near objects. Near sightedness people will have a defect in viewing distance and clear vision for near; the patients will try to squeeze their eyes to view distant objects. The eyes will be watery and painful due to burning sensation. The lion’s sight first eye hospital will treat this condition by giving corrective spectacles which will be changed with time due to increase of ball size.

Glaucoma eye disease is accumulation of fluid within the eye, the pressure may increase to a level where the tissues within the eye can be damaged, one of the tissues which is most likely to be damaged is the optic nerve which carries visions to the brain. The condition is caused when the canals graining the eye fluid becomes clogged; sometimes the accumulation of the fluid may increase rapidly leading to blurred vision and pain behind the eye. Factors causing glaucoma are age, near sightedness, family history, injuries to the eye, severe anemia, diabetes and hypertension. The lion’s sight first eye hospital examines the pressure within the eye, the back of the eye and the side vision using computerized equipments.

Squint is a eye condition where by the eyes are misarranged, the eye alignment may be permanent or temporary, squinted eyes look inward, outward, upward and downward. This abnormality is caused by weakened muscles and nerve impulses to the eye. The lion’s sight first eye hospital examines the eye and administers treatment that will straighten the eye. This treatment will require the patient to stay in for two days; the eyes will be bandaged for one day and eye drop medication administered.

Uveitis eye condition is caused by the inflammation of one of the eye layers called uvea. The uvea layer nourishes the eye and when affected it will adversely affect lens, cornea, retina and vitreous. This disease may occur in patients of Tuberculosis, syphilis, leprosy, injury to the eye, virus, fungal and bacterial eye infections.

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