jaramogi ogingaodinga teaching and referral hospital location, contacts and services offered.

by Ekai Kaoo  - June 16, 2022


Commonly to many as RasiaHospital,JaramogiOgigaOdinga Teaching and referral Hospital (JOOTRH) is one of the oldest largest hospitals in Kenya. The hospital was founded by the colonial government in early 1900s when Kisumu was by then was known as an inland port. The hospital was fully expanded in the late 1960s to a district hospital serving a great number of people from western Kenya.

JaramogiOgingaOdinga Teaching and Referral Hospital is located in Kisumu city between Kondele and Kibuye along Kisumu- Kakemga highway.Currently this hospital serves more than 100 districts and sub-district hospitals in Western region of Kenya including larger hospitals such as Kakamega provincial general hospital which is located about 60 kilometers from Kisumu.

The hospital has many departments including: laboratory, surgery, nursing, casualty, comprehensive care center, mortuary,and physiotherapy just to mention but a few. The hospital operates in conjuction with other facilities located next to it. These include: the regional blood transfusion center that ensure that blood is available for the hospital. It also involve in screening of patients and donor blood for infectious diseases such as HIV and hepatitis. Next to JaramogiOgingaOdinga Teaching and Referral Hospital is the Mitchell Obama children health care facility. This provides child health services.

JOOTRH is a center for research and learning for various students and staffs in various professions. For instance students undertake their medical attachment at various departments in the hospital. Most institution across the country benefit benefits from this program including Kisumu Medical Training College which is located next to the hospital and Maseno University which sends its students to this hospital for weekly rotations. The hospital also provides an environment for various research works carried out by the Kenya Medical Research Institute and other institutions such as Center for Disease Control.

Services available at various departments of JaramogiOgingaOdinga Teaching and Referral Hospital include:

a)      Curative In-patient services

b)      Curative out-patient services

c)       Caesarian section

d)      Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric care

e)      HIV counseling and testing

f)       Family planning

g)      Growth monitoring and promotion

h)      Integrated Management of Childhood illness

i)        X-ray, CT scan, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Ultrascan

j)        Prevention of Mother to child transmission of HIV

k)      Rural Health Training Center

l)        Rural health demonstration

m)    Antenatal care

n)      Basic Emergency

o)      Antiretroviral Therapy

p)      Obstetric Care

q)      Immunization



For more information contact;

Address: P.O Box 849-40100, Kisumu

Nyathuna Sub District Hospital
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