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Inpatient And Outpatient Catholic Rehab Centers In Kenya

inpatient and outpatient catholic rehab centers in kenya


Catholic rehab provides two drug and alcohol rehabilitation program options for its clients; inpatient and outpatient rehab. Determining whether to go for either an inpatient catholic rehab or outpatient rehab has various importances. Apart from just determining which choice will serve you better, one will be able to prepare other people which will be directly or indirectly affected by the rehab program. The choice of the rehab type may affect the treatment effectiveness.

Catholic drug and Alcohol Rehab centers

In outpatient catholic rehab centers neither board nor rooms are provided. Treatment for drugs and alcohol addiction are provided. However, the inpatient programs vary and clients are attended to for some hours per week. The various services provided in outpatient catholic drug and alcohol rehab centers include:

  • Support group meetings

  • Classes on relapse prevention techniques

  • Psychological drug treatment and counseling

This program best suits clients who have already passed through Inpatient rehab but faces the challenge of a relapse and are not addicted to their drug of abuse of their choice

This program provides board and room for accommodation on twenty hour basis for all the patients that undergo drug and alcohol addiction treatment and detox. The program provides a medical of hard drugs including heroin, cocaine, alcohol and prescription painkillers. This program best suits clients who face the risk of developing withdrawal syndrome after they stop using their drug of choice. The constant supervision, a characteristic of inpatient program, provides best platform for dealing with relapses during early stages of recovery.

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