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How Much It Costs To Do A DNA Test In Kenya

how much it costs to do a dna test in kenya


There are many cases where you might want to do a paternity test. DNA test is a biological determination of whether the parents share the same genes with their kids. Sometimes, people would opt for DNA test in cases their wives might have been unfaithful and are in need to know if the kids they are raising are indeed theirs. Your kid might be so dumb in class that your might doubt if he inherited your genes. I don’t know if you will doubt should your kid turn out bright unless you have so low opinion of yourself.

In most cases, the main reason is legal purposes. A lady turns up on your door claiming you are the father of her baby. She is demanding money from you for the upkeep of the baby, but since you were seeing her severally, you can’t know if it’s your kid or just a set up. This is where DNA comes in handy. The place a parent questions the paternity of their kids; they should seek clearance from the DNA test. There is a solution to these queries which relieves a person from the permanent life-long uncertainty.

Depending on the hospital of your choice, the cost of doing a DNA test varies from the range of 8,000 Kenyan Shillings and over. Although, for legal purposes, this cost of a DNA test can rise to 20,000 shillings.

The big moral question of the DNA test is what happens if it breaks standing families, if you found out that the kids you have been raising and you love ,aren’t actually yours biologically, what will you do? Disown the kids? Most of the people who are intending to use this test, or have used it; you should keep in mind that under no circumstance was it the fault of the kids.

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