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Herbal Medicine Clinics In Kenya

herbal medicine clinics in kenya


Kenyan government is still in the arguments for and against traditional healers; it is in the process of regulating herbal medicine. The use of plants as medicine has been used for decades by human beings in healing several ailments which exist among humanity. The processing of the medicine has been passed from generation to generation. Many Kenyans no longer use the herbal medicine due to introduction of pharmaceutical medicine. Most herbalists have testified that the herbal medicine is effective. Some Kenyans believe that herbal medicine is witchcraft since most traditional witchdoctors use plant related medicine to heal. The challenge to most herbalists is that they don’t have enough financial support to run their projects in the market.

East West Medical Center

Chinese clinic, it is located in Jameson Court, ground floor room A3 along Ngong road, Call: 0722 307 192.

Makini Herbal Clinic

The clinic is located at Trishul towers first floor, Call: 0722 523 934.

Oriental Chinese Herbal Clinic

The clinic is located in Oriental chines premises opposite Sarit Center, lower Kabete road, call: 0722221365.

Yao Shun Chinese Clinic

It is located in Meki place room A4 opposite prestige plaza along Ring road. Call: 0721 435 305.

Chinese General Clinic

The clinic is located in Hurlingham medical plaza, Argwins Khodhek road, mobile: 0722 837 386.

Winners Herbal Clinic

It is located along Tom Mboya street, Call: +254 202214798.

Right Herbal Clinic and Mystic clinic

It located behind Marie stopes 1st Avenue, P. O Box 70873 00400 along Tom Mboya Street.

Coconut oil

The scientific name is Cocos nucifera, the herb is used as a healing remedy for bruises, cuts, skin infection and damaged skin, it is not like other oils because it is composed of fatty acids and it works wonders for dry skin.

Indian Coleus

It is a tropical and perennial plant it is Traditional medicinal plant commonly used to treat cancer, high blood pressure, losing weight, treating digestion problems and increasing nutrient absorption efficiency it also supports immune system.

Eleuthero Root

Chinese call it Ci-wu-jia or Wu Jia Shen Jing it is commonly used by Chinese herbalists, the herb helps in increasing vitality and energy, it treats respiratory and various infections, the Chinese herbalists use it to infertile couples to boost their fertility.

Garcinia Fruit

Brindle berry contains Hydroxy citric Acid (HCA) it is a Tropical tree, the acidity in the fruit is used as weight control remedy, the acid has the ability to inhibit formation of fatty acid and this slows the storage of fat because less fat will be available for body storage

Cayenne Pepper

This is African pepper commonly found in processed form of chilies, it is a tender shrub and the fruit which comes in for of green berries which turn red when mature, the extract is used as herb to reduce nerve pain and arthritis, is also works to patients of low blood pressure.           


The oil is good in relieving pain and cold and chest congestion it is also a treatment to sore muscles.

Ginger Root

It is a good herb which is also used as a spice, it is absorbed fast in the blood system and it has chemicals which heals various diseases.


Is known to reduce mental fatigue thus increasing concentration and memory.


This is an aromatic stimulant commonly used to manufacture curry powder, the turmeric fight against breast cancer and arthritis.

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