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Effect Of Female Genital Mutilation In Kenya

effect of female genital mutilation in kenya


Female genital mutilation commonly referred to as FGM is the act of intentionally altering or causing injury to the female genital organs for non medical reasons as described by world health organization. This act is said to have no substantial benefit on the girl child but the crusaders of this barbaric act are said to insist that among the many benefits to the girl child is the view of safe guarding his virginity, social cultural status and relevance to the customs which is why amidst of myriad challenges they are up against they have continued to practice this evil deed on their own in secret with the government of Kenya and the international organization maintaining a strict stand against the abusers or perpetrators of this heinous crime.

Female genital mutilation is said to be practiced by 38 of Kenya’s 42 tribes according to a research done early this century though the statistics may have shifted greatly by now though it is said that the percentage stands at 27 of Kenya according to recent research highlighted by citizen television. Some of the communities still practicing this act include: Kissi, Masai, Somali, Abagusii, Samburu, Kuria, Marakwet and other ethnic groups with this being the main ones.

Kenyans should join hands in harmony to protect our girls and shun this barbaric act that has oppressed and under mined the lifestyle of the girl child in Kenya, like Dr. Jebii Kilimo who is a survivor of the dreaded cut says a girl can still achieve her dreams without undergoing the cut with her being the best example it is time to ignore the call of our tribesmen and leaders so that we embrace only the positive part of our culture. Here are however some of the facts to note as to why we should do away with female genital mutilation.

Health hazard with no medical benefits- this is because of the manner in which it is conducted which involves removing the clitoris hence may lead to urinary and bladder problems, cysts, infections and also infertility.

Increased risk of child birth complications and even death of newborns- this occurs as a result or manner in which the operation was conducted hence the removal of the clitoris alters the genitals and this causes problems in child birth due to the nature in it which its altered.

Excessive bleeding which may then lead to death- during the operation which s done in a traditional way it may cause bleeding resulting from a mistake and due to the non authorization by the government the victim may then die helplessly from excessive bleeding or related problems. Not everyone survives the operation.

The need for later surgeries- FGM alters the genitals which sometimes leads to a bit of closure of the genitals according to a report by world health organization which may cause a woman to undergo a caesarian surgery during birth or should urinal complications result.

This here are just but some of the reasons worth mentioning that should help drum support against this outdated and barbaric culture not forgetting to mention the trauma and stigma one is forced to undergo after the operation.

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