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A New Chemotherapy Centre Opened in Kenya.

a new chemotherapy centre opened in kenya



Cancer has being a killer disease in recent time because of the lives of people it has claimed. In Kenya, there are many people who are suffering from cancer and because they cannot afford treatment, majority die while others are managed with palliative care in the hospital setup while others are taken hospices for continue management of relieving pain.

The treatment of cancer has become a challenge to the government of Kenya because the government cannot be able to purchase the machines required for cancer treatment. The drugs used to treatment cancer are also expensive and many people cannot be able to raise those cash money required to buy such drugs. There are three main modalities used for management of cancer and they include:

  • Surgery.
  • Chemotherapy.
  • Radiotherapy.

In an effort of fighting cancer in Kenya, Aga Khan Hospital in Kenya has launched a new facility for chemotherapy in Mombasa County. This means that, the people from coastal region (especially from Mombasa County) can now easily access the services (treatment of cancer). This facility is placed in Aga Khan hospital in Mombasa town and was launched on May 28, 2014 in the presence of the governor of Mombasa county; Hassan Joho who welcomed the idea and thanked the hospital.

The new chemotherapy facility in Mombasa Aga Khan will offer all the services (medication, nutrition therapy, and counselling therapy and consultancy services) for cancer patient for an affordable fee of Kshs.15, 000. They will refer cancer patient to Nairobi Aga Khan Hospital in case of any complication or if it is necessary.

The government of Mombasa has promised to dedicate Kshs.1.2 billion to health sector for management of cancer and training of health care providers but mainly concentrating on oncologist because there are a few of them in Kenya.

Some people may wonder what is chemotherapy and radiotherapy because they have heard of surgery and even some of them went through it. Chemotherapy simply means use of drugs to treat cancer while radiotherapy is the use of radiations to treat cancer.

Since a new centre has been open in Mombasa, it is now upon the residents of Mombasa County and its surrounding to make maximum use of this centre by going for frequent medical checkups and for further advice on ways of preventing cancer disease.

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