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by Caroline Wayua


Cancer is the most feared and fearful disease of all that affect humanity, the world is yet to discover its causal factors.


Improper diet is said to be one of the key causing factors of cancer.

The body responds to anything put in it either positively or negatively therefore we should be responsible to watch over what enters our body.

Most diseases will be introduced to our bodies through an input of a causal organism.  This can only happen through our external organs which include; skin, mouth, eyes, hears nose and private parts.


  • The skin can in put a disease in our body either through injection, biting or through skin opening.
  • The mouth in put effects to our body through eating and drinking.
  • The eyes in put infection through light dust or atmospheric interference.
  • The private parts in put disease causing organism through unhygienic conditions and sex.
  • The nose and hear through atmospheric interference and infected air.


The most active in put organ is the mouth which humanity use for consuming food              hence it will be great determinant of wellness of human.


Consumption of some types of foods leads to cancer. For Example

  • Cured meat (sausages, cured ham, bacon e.t.c), grilled meats and very well done or fried meats.
  • Excess calories- from protein or fat sources, particularly from animal sources such as meat, fish, eggs or milk.ey
  • Smoked, pickled, salted or highly spiced foods.
  • Consuming very hot food and beverages.
  • Alcoholic beverages, coffee, and tobacco- these potentiate carcinogenic effect.


Cancer can be prevented through consumption of suitable food for humans, i.e fruits, nuts, grains, legumes, vegetables.

Increasing vitamin A and vitamins C and E, fiber, phytochemical elements, all of those foods a shown to be anticarcinogens and they are found almost in plant base foods.


Food play a vital role even when cancer has been diagnosed. All anticarcinogenic foods, particularly fruit treatments, salads and fresh juices are treatment resources that should not be ignored, anticarcinogen neutralize the action of carcinogens and slows the development of cancer. Virtually all the anticarcinogens are plant based.

These include the following;

  • Whole grains– acceleration movement through the bowel removes carcinogenic substances that may be in the digestive tack and this is led by consumption of food s which contains fiber.
  • Vegetables– vegetables are rich in vitamins A, C and antioxidant phytochemicals which fight against cancer.
  • Fruits– fruits together with vegetables are most effective anticarcinogenic food. Abundant fruit consumption prevents most of cancers, For example; lemons, oranges, grape fruit, plums, apples, pineapples, blackberries, guavas etc.
  • Olive oil– when substituted for other dietary fats, olive oil will prevent development of cancer cells.
  • Yogurt– active bacteria in yogurt protects against cancer
  • Legumes– legumes are rich in fiber and anticarcinogenic phytochemicals.

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