Kyatune Health Centre


Kyatune Health Centre is a facility established by the Ministry of Health, situated in Ikanga/Kyatune, Kitui South within Kitui County. As of the year 2021, this centre is in full operation and is overseen by the Ministry of Health, holding the registration number 12410.

For inquiries, you can get in touch with Kyatune Health Centre via their mobile contact.

Services available at Kyatune Health Centre include:

  • TT toxoid for Expectant Mothers
  • Short Duration Family Planning Services
  • Services for Postnatal Care
  • Care Services for Outpatients
  • Natural Methods of Family Planning
  • Extended Family Planning Services
  • All-inclusive Child Vaccination
  • Measures for Infection Prevention, specifically for HIV in the workplace
  • Services for HIV Testing
  • Dedicated Prenatal Care
  • Distribution of Condoms & Prevention of STIs
  • Primary Obstetric Care (BMOC)

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Born in the picturesque coastal city of Mombasa, Vicky Tsiluma's journey has been one deeply influenced by the intersection of health, community, and infrastructure. The sprawling health facilities of the city, coupled with the challenges faced by remote clinics in the outskirts, sparked her curiosity early on.

Vicky pursued her higher education at one of Kenya's premier universities, where she specialized in Public Health. During her academic tenure, she became particularly interested in health facility management and began documenting the successes and challenges faced by various health institutions across the country. Her research papers and articles provided a unique blend of on-ground narratives with data-driven analysis.

After graduation, Vicky's work gained prominence in the health sector. She began contributing articles to national health journals, shedding light on the intricate dynamics of health facility management in Kenya. Her writings often emphasized the importance of integrating traditional healthcare practices with modern medical infrastructures.

As her reputation grew, international health organizations and journals began to take notice. Vicky's work provided invaluable insights into the healthcare landscape of East Africa, and her recommendations have been instrumental in shaping policies for health facility improvements in the region.

Beyond her written contributions, Vicky Tsiluma has been an active advocate for improving health facilities in underserved areas of Kenya. She collaborates closely with policymakers, healthcare professionals, and community leaders to drive impactful initiatives.

Today, Vicky stands as a beacon in health facility journalism, continuously striving to ensure that every Kenyan has access to quality healthcare infrastructure.

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