Where To Enjoy Chinese Cuisine In Nairobi, Kenya

by Cynthia Kendeli  - August 1, 2023

Every now and then in Kenya, we like to imagine we are in Rome, and as such we want to do what the Romans do. In as much as trying out a fried snail is a tad too explorative, eating with chopsticks is a worth the while challenge to Kenyans. There are many hotels in Nairobi that offer the very best of Chinese cuisine. For those who would wish to take up the challenge and the thrill, here are a few leads on the best preferred hotels in Nairobi:

China Plate in Nairobi

China Plate in Kenya is probably the most famous Chinese restaurant in Nairobi city. China Plate hotel in Nairobi is located along Valley road, off Kenyatta Avenue on Chancery Building. China Plate is approximately 1 kilometer, or a 6 minutes’ drive from Nairobi City Centre. China Plate hotel is well known for it’s rather finger licking servings and has gained popularity amongst the business persons of Nairobi city. China Plate in Kenya is most preferred for its Szechwan Chinese cuisine.

Zen Garden in Westlands, Nairobi

Zen Garden in Nairobi is yet another Chinese restaurant found in Westlands area. Zen Garden hotel offers high class serene eating environments to Kenyans and tourists. Zen garden is divided into 3 sections namely, The Bamboo Oriental Restaurant, The Zen Square Conference rooms and The Jade Coffee House and Tea House. Each of these eating establishments under Zen Garden in Nairobi offers something different from the other. The Bamboo Oriental Restaurant in Nairobi being for candlelit dinners in a large open plan restaurant, The Conference Rooms in Zen Garden restaurant being for friendly meetups of groups, and cocktail meetings while the coffee house in Zen Garden hotel is ideal for quiet and intensive business meetings.

Fang Fang Hotel in Nairobi

Fang Fang hotel in Kenya is located in Lavington area in Nairobi, along James Gichuru Road. The Fang Fang restaurant in Nairobi overlooks a garden and is ideal for a family outing as the patio is large and spacious. There are seats found outside the restaurant in Nairobi with shades and more private rooms inside.

Bangkok Chinese Restaurant in Nairobi Kenya

Unlike its name, Bangkok Chinese hotel is located in Parklands in Nairobi and offers authentic Chinese cuisine. Bangkok Restaurant in Nairobi is located on Amee Arcade in Parklands. Bangkok hotel offers a variety of traditional Chinese food with intricate detail just like you would find in China. Bangkok restaurant in Kenya is best known for its sea food specialty.

Some of the foods found in Chinese cuisine in Kenya include noodles, pepper prawns, garlic crabs,  and of course chicken for the people who would rather not try out something new. For those fascinated by the Eastern culture, you can treat yourself to some Chinese cuisine.

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