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Tusker lager is the largest beer brand in Kenya as well as East Africa. As a brand loved not only by its Kenyan consumers, but also by the thousands of tourist and visitors to the country, Tusker has become part of our Kenyan culture making it part and parcel of the national fabric.

First brewed in 1922, Tusker Larger has grown into a leading superior brand that many Kenyans identify with as a true and refreshing sprit of national heritage. Tusker acquired its name from an incident that occurred in 1923 ,when George Hurst a co-founder of the Kenya breweries ltd was killed by an elephant during a hunting expedition, the brand was then renamed ‘tusker’ in memory of Hurst.

Brewed using the highest quality malted barley grown in the rift valley, hops and water, Tusker Larger is a medium beer with an alcohol content of 4.2% ABV. With awards such as the gold medals in the international monde selection quality awards and the recently acquired SuperBrand status , Tusker Larger has confirmed its superior quality, time and the time has won the coveted Nation media group, pricewaterhousecoopers(NMGPWC)”most respected awrds”5 times.

The sponsorship packages that currently fall under the Tusker sports banner include; the Tusker Kenya open, the Tusker race day, the Tusker safari sevens, the Tusker Elgon cup, the Tusker cross country circuit, the Tusker football club ltd and the Tusker athletics international . Plans are underway for the brand to sponsor cricket starting this year.

Tusker adverts are very popular in Kenya and have set the trend in promoting national pride with very emotive TV images, soundtrack and lyrics. In a recent attempt to win a more youthful target group. The brand ventured into the daring sponsorship of Tusker Project Fame – the first ever reality show in the region which according to EABl, was a huge success. Through the Kenyan made brand, Tusker Larger also contributes its social responsibility. Its foundation focuses with a number of projects with key themes like water for life, skills for life and environment among others.

Tusker Larger advocates responsible drinking by those of legal drinking age limit. For a flagship brand from one of the most respected companies and indeed the biggest by market capitalization. Tusker Larger is indeed, proud to be Kenyan!

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