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Services Offered In Kaldis Coffee House In Nairobi City, Kenya

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In a country where tea is the preferred beverage over coffee, the culture of coffee drinking in Kenya is rapidly catching up, especially in the Kenyan urban centers which can greatly be attributed to the number of coffee houses in Nairobi and restaurants coming up. Coffee houses in Nairobi and Restaurants in major towns in Kenya are very popular and are preferred meeting points for businesspeople and the young to meet, sit and have their discussions.

Kaldis Coffee House on Kimathi Street in Nairobi is one of the coffee joints in Nairobi that have come up to meet the needs of coffee drinkers. The Kaldis Coffee House in Nairobi is fairly new in the Nairobi coffee market in comparison to others such as Dorman’s Coffee House in Nairobi and came into the market in early 2013. The executives of theKaldis Coffee House in Kenya saw an opportunity in Nairobi city with the rising number of clientele consuming coffee from Java Coffee Houses in Nairobi, and thus decided to also bring something similar with their own unique touch.

Kaldis Coffee House in Nairobi is located in Nairobi’s CBD along Kimathi Street not far from Nation Centre in Nairobi. The Kaldis Coffee joint and restaurant in Nairobi offers different meals that include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee and other Drinks. The Menu  of Kaldis Restaurant in Nairobi CBD has a large selection of drinks right from different coffee drinks in Nairobi such as espressos, lattes and cappuccinos. Kaldis Coffee Joint in Nairobi also have fresh juices and milk shakes of different flavors. The Kaldis Coffee House and Restaurant in Kenya has a blueberry Milkshake that is a must try classic and is delicious to the last drop.

Kaldis Coffee House in Nairobi is also a place with cakes in Nairobi, having a variety of cakes such as Black forest, Red velvet and carrot cakes among several others. The Kaldis Coffee Shop cakes in Nairobi are moist, soft and most of all delicious. Other than cakes there is a wide selection of pastry on offer that you can accompany your beverage with.

For affordable meals in Nairobi, Kaldis Coffee House in Nairobi has several main dishes that include Masala fries, Steaks and burgers. A must try favorite of Kaldis restaurant in Kenya is their Fish curry. They also have a variety of Kaldis Restaurant sandwiches and salads that would be ideal especially if one is a light eater.

The ambience at Kaldis Restaurant offering coffee drinks in Nairobi is excellent. The Kaldis restaurant in Kenya is cozy and the lighting brings a tranquil and laid back feel to the place. The interior décor and architecture is a work of art on itself and shows a great deal of work and consideration was put when setting up the restaurant. There are wonderful paintings on the wall that are pleasing to the eye.

In the world of smartphones in Kenya, where most of our gadgets need frequent charging, there are charging sockets in Kaldis Coffee house in Nairobi -available for charging your devices as you eat. For the ladies, one can enjoy your meal with comfort without wondering where to place your hand bag as hooks are available under the table to keep your bags in Kaldis Coffee shop in Nairobi.

Next time you have a casual or business date or just want a quick meal in Nairobi, you can visit Kaldis coffee house in Nairobi CBD. The Kaldis coffee house opening hours in Nairobi are; Mondays – Thursdays at 7:00 am – 9:00 pm and Fridays – Sundays at 7:00 am – 11:00 pm. For more information visit the Kaldis Facebook page or send them an email at; [email protected]. The Kaldis coffee house in Nairobi website is at http://kaldisafrica.com/

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