Most Popular Coffee Joints In Nairobi City, Kenya

by Cynthia Kendeli  - August 1, 2023

You have just turned 24, and your pal decides to take you out for coffee in Kenya for that deserved birthday treat. Being the introvert you are, you have no idea of any cool coffee joints in Nairobi town in Kenya. Well, here are a few of the most popular coffee joints in Nairobi, for you to check out.

Java in Nairobi

Java is by far the most popular coffee joint in Nairobi. There is even a Sauti Soul song in Kenya sang in its honor. Java coffee shops in Kenya are located all over the city of Nairobi. There are at least 15 Java coffee shops spread out all over Nairobi City. Within the center of Nairobi, there are two Java shops, one along Mama Ngina Street, near the Samsung Care Centre in Nairobi and the other on Uniafric House at the Koinange – Monrovia street junction in Nairobi. You can get various coffee tastes in Kenya here, from expresso and latte to cappuccino and moca. They also have a variety of milk shake flavors and smoothies available for Kenyans. The prices in Java are relatively affordable with a cup of house tea selling for KSH 120 only. They also sell a   variety of snacks from cakes to fries.

Savannah in Nairobi

Savannah coffee joint in Nairobi is yet another coffee shop that has left Nairobi abuzz with its comfortable leather sofas and sprawling patio. Savannah, like Java, has two joints in the city center of Nairobi. Savannah Cameo center in Nairobi being the most accessible as it is located along Kenyatta Avenue. The second Savannah joint is located along Loita street in Nairobi. Both Java and Savannah coffee joints in Nairobi sell their goods for more or less the same prices. They also have similar varieties on their menu.

Dorman’s coffee shop in Nairobi

There is only one Dormans coffee shop in the central business district of Nairobi located along Mama Ngina Street near the IMAX movie theatre. Dormans is not half as common as Java and Savannah in Nairobi though. Dorman’s coffee shop also experiences stiff competition from Java as it is located on the same street as Java, Mama Ngina Street in Nairobi.

The Mug in Nairobi

The Mug in Nairobi is a rather “hidden” joint. If you want to chill out in a joint in Kenya that is not too common, then The Mug is the place for you. The Mug is located off Kimathi Street along Kaunda Street in Nairobi. They have some very enticing samosas, I must say.

Café Deli in Nairobi

Just like The Mug, Café Deli in Nairobi is yet another of those cool joints in Nairobi town where you would want to hang out to unwind. There is much less noise and frenzy as compared to Java and Savannah in the city. Café Deli is located along Moi Avenue near the Stanbank house in Nairobi. There most delicious specialty is the black forest cake, that sells for KSH300 per piece.

There are very many other coffee points around the city of Nairobi. Most of the hotels around the city also sell coffee. The ones mentioned above are those specifically designated as coffee shops in Kenya.

In need of that caffeine in Kenya, hop into one of these joints in Nairobi and order yourself a mug!

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