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Location Of The Mount Kenya Safari Club In Nanyuki Town In Kenya

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The Mount Kenya Safari Club is one of the popular classy hotels in Nanyuki town in Kenya. Mt Kenya Safari Club in Kenya is located close to Nanyuki town approximately 1 kilometer off the Nanyuki Meru Highway. Mt Kenya Safari Club also goes by the name Sportsman’s Arms.

Mt. Kenya Safari Club in Kenya began in the early 1950’s. Mount Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki was one of the inns that were used for repairs for tourists on safari in Kenya, and it was bought by William Holden and his two friends. Once the inn was bought, it was renamed The Mount Kenya Safari Club.

The Mount Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki town was a watering hole for the crown heads, the glitterati as well as the affluent people of the society. Mount Kenya Safari Club was inaccessible for most ordinary whites and of course people of the African race in the past.

The Mt. Kenya Safari Club in Nanyuki is located a hotel close to the equator in Kenya at an altitude of 7,000 feet above sea level. The Mt Kenya Safari Club offers a scenic view of the snow capped Mt Kenya. The slopes of Mt. Kenya tower above Mt. Kenya Safari Clubs garden extending beyond the club. During its glorious years, Mt Kenya Safari Club was named the most beautiful hotel in East Africa.

Mt. Kenya Safari Club covers an area of close to 65 acres in total. Mount Kenya Safari Club is surrounded by the Mount Kenya Game Ranch in Kenya which covers n expansive 2,000 acreage of land. Initially, the Mount Kenya game ranch in Nanyuki was a farming land that was owned by one of the British settler farmers during the colonial era. The Mt. Kenya Game Ranch is mostly known as a habitat for the African Bongo, which is a rare medium sized forest-dwelling antelope in Kenya. The Mount Kenya game ranch also uses the bongo as in signatory mark in its logo.

Mt. Kenya Safari Club offers both food and accommodation facilities in Nanyuki parts of Kenya. The Mount Kenya  Safari club and hotel also has a swimming pool that is accessible to the public for KSH 300 per person.

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