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How To Get To Outspan Hotel In Nyeri Town In Kenya

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The Outspan Hotel in Kenya is located in the heart of the central highlands in Nyeri town. Outspan Hotel in Nyeri town in Kenya is located approximately 160 kilometers from Nairobi and 2 kilometers from Nyeri town. The Outspan Hotel in Kenya boasts of a spectacular view of the snowcapped Mount Kenya and vibrant gardens. The Outspan Hotel is the nearest hotel to the famous Karuru falls of Chania River in Kenya. The Outspan Hotel in Nyeri is an eden of verdant and well manicured green lawns.

Outspan hotel was once home to Lord Baden and Lady Olave Powell in Kenya, the founders of the scouting movement in the world , and as such the Outspan Hotel holds much sentimental value for the scouts and girl guides worldwide. The Outspan Hotel in Nyeri has been serving for close to a century as it was built in 1926

Outspan hotel in Kenya has a peacock in one of the backside lawns that add to the ambience of the hotel. The peacock in Outspan Hotel is visible from most of the hotels rooms. The Outspan Hotel offers accommodation in Nyeri town to both local and international tourists in Kenya at a fee. Outspan hotel has 42 accommodation rooms in Nyeri including 3 cottages, 8 luxury rooms and 34 twin rooms. The charge rates for accommodation in Outspan Hotel in Kenya vary with the influx of clients and the subsequent fall of peak seasons in Kenya. For instance, single rooms are charged 240 dollars during the peak season in Kenya that lasts between July to October and December to January, 216 dollars during the high season that lasts January to March and 173 dollars during the low or offpeak season in Kenya that lasts between April and June.

The Outspan Hotel in Nyeri also has other general facilities such as a baronial dining room, a tennis court in Nyeri, 2 conference facilities in Nyeri, an outdoor swimming pool in Nyeri, a snooker room as well as a sherry bar in Nyeri. There is also a golf course nearby Outspan Hotel, the Nyeri Golf Club in Kenya.

To get to Outspan hotel by public means in Kenya, you can board the public service vehicles in Nyeri going to Kamakwa town in Central Kenya. To get to Outspan Hotel by private means in Kenya, you would use the same route to Kamakwa town from Nyeri town in Kenya, past the Nyeri high court in Kenya and Nyeri golf club in Kenya to Outspan hotel.

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