Transfer Services Offered by I&M Bank In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - August 1, 2023

Banking in Kenya has become one of the most emphasized sector in the country for the safety and convenience of the bankers. This has seen the established of different banks which provide a lot of good and safe banking services. The banks have been able to embrace the advancement in technology to ensure that the banking services are fast and smooth in their transactions. Technology has also improved banking services which has seen the introduction of the internet banking services.

Kenya banks have therefore advanced in all level as known they have also used technology to enable them to send and receive funds from other banks locally and internationally through Electronic Fund Transfers. The most established banks have been able to partner with other banks for their success.

I&M bank is one of the Kenyan banks which ensure that their customers are able to enjoy their services to the fullest by partnering with international bank service providers. I&M bank is a private owned bank that has a rich heritage in banking offering a full range of corporate and retail banking services. this bank have a vision to become a company where the best people want to work and the first choice where the customers want to do business and where the stakeholders are happy with their investment. The bank has been able to open up other branches in the world in countries for their better provision of their better banking services. The I&M bank are to be recognized for ethical practices and fully respect rules and regulations, be perceived as an institution which has fresh ideas and is keeping pace with the technology to improve product delivery platforms for products and services.

As an established banking company, I&M bank offers a range of dynamic transfer services enabling the customers to conveniently make transfers locally and internationally. The Fund transfer services include the following;

Brisk Transfer

This is the fastest funds transfer with East Africa as it is a special fund transfer service allowing the customers to transfer funds to beneficiaries located in Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda in different currencies such as United State Dollars (USD), Kenya shillings (KES), Tanzania Shilling (TZS) and Rwandese Franc (RWF). The major benefits of using this services is that it is a quick funds transfer as the beneficiaries receives funds on the same or next working day, low and reasonable charges hence cost-effective, efficient and convenience as funds can be transferred to both customers and non-customers throughout I&M bank network across East Africa.


This is another fund transfer service offered by this bank that ensure their customers can be able to transfer funds from their bank accounts to other bank accounts of other bank in Kenya or other countries. This service is telegraphic transfers done by our correspondent banks across the globe in a wide range of currencies. Charges for this will vary according to what your bank will charge and the telegraphic transfers are usually effected in 3 working days. There are various currencies which this method can support most of which are US dollars (USD), Euro, Great Britain Pound, Japanese Yen, Indian Rupees, South Africa Rands, Australian Dollars and Swiss Francs.

Western Union

This is one of the easiest ways to send money to friends and family anytime of the day or night almost anywhere in the world. In this service, you may remit funds through an agent of Western Union to any receipt in Kenya. Western Union remittances can be received and sent through most branches in Kenya and in countries abroad.

Money Gram

This is an online fund transfer service that has a global reach through a network of 300,000 local agents across 197 countries and territories. Money can be remitted through an agent of MoneyGram to any recipient in Kenya. MoneyGram remittance can be received and sent from most branches of I &M bank. You can be able to find an agent for the transaction to be successful by visiting their site at and clicking on the ‘find an agent link’.




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