Mobile Banking Services offered by Equity Bank

by Ekai Kaoo  - August 1, 2023

Eazzy 247 this is a mobile banking service that gives the user the chance to access banking services of Equity through the use of a mobile phone. Eazzy 247 is accessible in the following networks: Airtel and MTN USSD, Safaricom, YU and Orange Airtel Moneymembers registered with Airtel money can access the Bank services through withdrawal and depositing and also checki. ng the account statements. It was launched in September 2011 as a commerce service by the legacy of Zap product.

M-PESA ATM Withdrawal The service is available 24 hours a day, it allows the M-PESA customers to withdraw and deposit cash to their Equity accounts, the PIN provided ensures security to the customer, the service is very reliable and it has ensured customer satisfaction. Read More. Orange Money customers access their accounts through the Orange lines, the account number is given and also a PIN number to ensure that the client is given security. The customer can deposit money and also withdraw using the lines

YuCash is an authorized Agent to operate and offer YuCash services. All the Equity outlets provide the services and the customers can withdraw cash and deposits cash using their mobile banking. M-KESHO account holders are enabled to transfer funds through Bank Account by use of mobile phones, the service also allows cash deposits and withdrawals.  

Bank Accounts

  • Equity ordinary account.

  • Current Account.

  • Jijenge Account.

  • Junior Account.

  • Teen Member.

  • Achievers Student Account.

  • School fees account.

  • Fixed Deposit Account.

  • Social Institutions Account.

Bank loans

  • Agricultural loans.

  • Asset finance loans.

  • Consumer loans.

  • Micro Business loans.

  • SME loans.

  • Maji loan.

  • Jamii Safi loan

Self-Banking Services

  • ATM services.

  • Instant Account opening.

  • Card services.

  • Pay pal withdrawal services.

  • Visa personal payments.

  • China Union pay

  • Mobile Banking.

  • Online Banking.

  • Money Transfer.

  • Equity cash back.

Equity Agency

Willing Business people can register to become Equity Agents, the Bank ensures that they select the right partners to operate the agency.

The following are the requirements of becoming an Equity Agent:

  • The applicant should own a business which has been operating for at least two years before the day of application.

  • The business should have the legal permits for its existence.

  • The business should be located strategically ensuring security, accessibility and visibility.

  • It should have maintained high moral standards and good reputation during its time of operation.

  • It should be having a good catchment of the business.

  • A duly completed Agency Banking application form and signed.

  • Copies of National IDs for principal applicants.

  • Certificate of good conduct.

  • Business profile for the last 18 months through a brief description.

  • Bank and loan statements from other institutions.

  • Three copies of pre signed Contract of Equity Agency.

  • Accompany the application with certificate of incorporation or registration if applicable.

  • Attach Articles and Memorandum of association and Partnership deed if applicable.

  • Attach Board of resolution if applicable to companies and partnerships.

  • Business permit which should be valid showing the commercial activities carried on by the business.

  • Financial records for the past two years which should be audited.

  • A map sketch for the business location and home.

  • Reference of credit by bureau (Credit Bureau Report).

  • Passport size photos for every applicant.

  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicants.

  • Colored photos showing interior view which shows the premises, interior view showing the business stock and an outside photo showing the neighborhood.

  • Relevant supporting documents of Agent appraisal form and visit form.



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