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Location Of Equity Bank Branches In Nyeri Town, Kenya

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Equity bank in Kenya is one of the leading financial service providers in Kenya. Equity bank in Kenya offers banking services to the Kenyans in most major towns in Kenya. Equity bank has stretched beyond the borders of Kenya to offer financial bank services in the larger East Africa region including Rwanda and South Sudan. As of June 2010, Equity bank in Kenya had an estimated asset base value of over 1.5 billion U.S dollars which has exponentially increased over the years. Equity Bank in Kenya began as Equity Building Society close to two decades ago in 1984. The Equity Building Society in Kenya then transformed into a microfinance institution in Kenya before gaining full commercial bank status in 2008. Regionally, Equity Bank began its expansion in Uganda when it absorbed the Uganda Microfinance Limited which was a microfinance institution with twenty eight functional branches and fourteen agency branches. The Uganda Microfinance Limited then changed its name to Equity Bank Uganda and began operating under this new name in 2009.

Equity Bank then began operations in South Sudan in Juba in 2008, and subsequently in Rwanda in 2011. As of 2012, Equity Bank has close to 140 Equity bank branches within Kenya, 40 Equity bank branches in Uganda, 7 Equity bank branches in Rwanda, 2 Equity bank branches in Tanzania and 4 Equity bank branches in South Sudan. Out of the 140 Equity bank branches found in Kenya, 38 Equity bank branches are located in Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya.

There are two Equity bank branches in Nyeri town in Kenya. The first Equity bank branch in Nyeri town in Kenya began opposite the Nyeri Kenya Commercial Bank branch in Nyeri town. The Equity bank branch in Nyeri town opened its doors to the public in the early 21st century, around the year 2001. The Equity bank branch opposite KCB Nyeri Branch in Kenya then gave rise to a second Equity bank branch in Nyeri town along Uhuru Road in Nyeri on Pamki House in Nyeri town. Pamki House in Nyeri town is located next to the Safricom retail shop in Nyeri town close to the famous Samrat Supermarket in Nyeri. 

Equity bank in Kenya has a large following and customer base in Nyeri town in Kenya given that the Equity bank interest and withdrawal rates in Kenya are somehow friendly to the farming populous fond in the area. Equity bank is also famous for giving bank fees loans in Kenya to wanting clientele.

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