How To Register As a National Security Social Fund (NSSF) Member and Make Contributions by M-PESA in Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - August 1, 2023

National Security Social Fund is a contribution platform in which people over 18 years and who are either employed by their employers or self-employed can register and start to make savings every month from their salaries for their brighter future life after retirement. This platform ensure that the contribution made by each member also attract interests along the way until it attains maturity when the member attain 55 years according to their registration details. After attaining the withdrawal period, the member can withdraw all their saving accompanied by their interests and use it for their future life out of employment.

Registration to National Social Security Fund

This platform registers self-employed people who volunteer to make contribution every month at the time of their choice and also employed people whose contribution to their NSSF accounts are deducted from their salaries by their registered employers who then top up their salaries with the same amount contributed to NSSF.

Registration to National Social Security Fund is easy and fast as people visit their nearest NSSF office to register. The registration process for the employed requires the Original National Identity Card, Alien Card or Passport and a Photocopy of any of them as well as a letter of introduction from your employer. You will be register as a NSSF member once your details are recorded and been issued with a NSSF membership card with an NSSF number which will be used by your employer to make contributions to your NSSF account every month. Members may also register online through NSSF e-service at their website accessed at

NSSF may also require you as a self-employed member in which you make contributions voluntarily at any time of your choice. You get registered by providing you National Identity Card, Alien card or Passport, photocopy of any and a minimum of Ksh 200 for your card activation. From here, you are provided with a membership card and you can start to make contributions or register online from their portal

M-PESA Contribution procedure

  • As a registered NSSF member, you can make your monthly contribution by using the mobile banking service of M-PESA. This method is majorly open to self-employed members who make contribution at any time of their choice.

  • To contribute to NSSF with M-PESA, you must be a registered M-PESA user, then from your M-PESA menu select payment services. From the services menu, select PAYBILL and enter the NSSF business number which is 333300 followed by the account number which is in your membership card. Input your contribution and enter your M-PESA PIN then confirm by pressing OK. A confirmation message would be sent to confirm that your contribution has been received by NSSF.

 Kenyans through NSSF has benefited from this savings since they can life normal lifes even after retirement from their active employment. They are still able to undertake the activities which they were undertaking during their employment periods hence living good lifes with no stress and financial constraints as compared to people who did not make any savings during their employment periods.

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