How to apply for the Orange Money Visa Debit Card in Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - August 1, 2023

Orange Kenya is a huge service provider in Kenya which offers communication and networking services to Kenyans affordable rates. This service provider has a lot of good offers which seems to favour people who cannot afford the high cost of communication. For instance, they provide fast and effective internet services which is cheap compared to other Kenyan service providers such as Airtel and Safaricom. Orange Kenya has ensured that their customers access free Facebook which enables many people to transact their businesses through Facebook thereby bringing along good profits.

Recently, Orange Kenya introduced their mobile banking service known as Orange Money in which subscribers can send and receive money through their mobile phones and their registered Orange lines. This service ensure that Orange Kenya customers have accounts with their SimCards in which they can make payments, send cash to their loved ones, Buy airtime for their phones and many more services. Due to this revolution which improved the life of more Kenyans, Orange Kenya have now come up with a Visa Debit Card in which these customers can directly access their Orange money account worldwide through ATMS without using their mobile phones.

Application Process to get the Debit Card

Orange Kenya partnered with Equity bank and Visa to ensure the Debit Card usage is a success where orange subscribers have their account secure. The application procedure is easy, fast and effective and involves;

  • Applicants require either an original Identity Card or an Alien Card if the applicant is a foreigner, should be an existing Orange Money customer and be an Equity bank account holder in which the account would be linked to the Orange Money account.

  • With all these requirements, visit any Orange shop, Orange Money outlet, Equity bank or Equity Bank agent near your location and present your Identity or Alien card and your active orange line. You will be provided with the necessary application forms which you are expected to fill and submit back to the agent or bank official.

  • After completion, keep your Orange line active and funding your account. You will receive your Debit Visa Card in the location which you indicated in the application forms submitted. Your Debit Card would have already been linked to your Equity bank account and ready for use.

The Orange Money Visa Debit Card may have a lot of benefits to you since it enable you to;

  • Deposit and withdraw cash from any ATM which accept Visa in Kenya and Worldwide.

  • Pay for goods and services in retail outlets and stores which accept the use of Visa and ATMs from equity bank.

  • This card do not charge monthly fee for card maintenance and can never be blocked due to inactivity as other cards do. It also ensures that you can pay for utility services at any Equity ATM countrywide and get a receipt.

  • Transfer funds through the Equity bank channels safely and with no additional cost.

This new Orange Money Visa Debit Card will ensure that you have no delays to your life in terms of bill payment, funds transfer or any other transaction which would cause unrest to you. Get it today at any nearest Orange or Equity bank branches and enjoy its benefits.




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