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Getting Funeral Expenses Covered In Kenya By Obtaining Pan African Life Insurance Cover

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Pan African life insurance in Kenya has in the recent years introduced a new cover policy to Kenyans that ensures all your funeral expenses will be covered with the least complexity in the unexpected event of death. Pan African life insurance in Kenya ensures complete coverage of funeral expenses in Kenya hence lightening the load considerably for a bereaved family in Kenya which reduces the stress that comes with funerals and funeral arrangement. Change in life is inevitable, however the things that are not inevitable in Kenya are taxes, unemployment and death. Fortunately we can do something about alleviating the difficulties death causes to our loved ones after our demise in Kenya through Pan African Life Insurance Company.

How to get covered by Pan African Life Insurance in Kenya

To get covered by the insurance in Kenya, one has to visit the Pan African Insurance policy offices in Nairobi. The Pan African Life Insurance offices in Kenya are located in Nairobi Central Business District on Kenyatta Avenue. In Pan African Life Insurance, one will get an insurance agent in Kenya who will explain in detail the different policies available to individuals, depending on the insurance needs of the clients and how much one wants to spend in their funeral based on what they can afford.

Pan African Life Insurance Covers available in Kenya

Pan African insurance organization in Kenya has made different types of insurance policies in partnership with Umash funeral homes in Nairobi available for Kenyans. Pan African Life insurance together with Umash Funeral Home in Nairobi have availed insurance covers for Kenyans as follows: Silver pre-plan and golden pre-plan in Kenya that offer up to Ksh.100,000 worth of funeral expenses package for annual insurance premium of Ksh.1,200 or a Ksh.200,000 package for an annual insurance premium of sh.2,400 respectively in Kenya. The Pan African Life insurance plan in Kenya also takes into account those who have a preference of cash payout instead of the funeral services in Kenya. Those in preference of cash payouts in the Pan African Life Insurance plan in Kenya, are required pay Kshs 2,800 and Ksh 1,800 per annum for Kshs 200,000 and Kshs 100,000 covers respectively. Pan African Life Insurance company in Kenya and Umash Funeral homes in Kenya have also designed an umash policy in Kenya that benefits the client twice; the Flexilife assurance policy in Kenya. Flexilife assurance policy in Kenya pays once at ones retirement age boosting savings and a similar amount when you pass on. Flexilife assurance policy in Kenya also has the advantage that the covered individual only pays insurance premiums in Kenya until their preferred age of retirement, which is until their first payout.

The Umash Funeral Home in Kenya takes care of burial arrangements, which includes; taking care of transport expenses, buying and delivery of the casket and it also provides flowers in the arrangement specified at the time of taking theĀ insuranceĀ cover, all this done at a period of less than two weeks. In providing this coverage policy, Pan African Life Insurance in Kenya has in effect dealt with the taboo talk of planning for after death as more and more people embrace it.

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