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Equity Bank Kenya Launches PayPal Payment Services

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PayPal in Kenya is a payment service that enables you to accept payments, pay for goods and send or receive money without revealing your financial information anywhere in the work.

How do I run a PayPal withdrawal service through Equity Bank Ltd Kenya?

On the PayPal withdrawal Service Landing page select ‘Withdraw from PayPal’ menu option. On the customer type selection page you will need to choose either Individual or Business Enter your Equity Bank account number and select the Submit button. Please ensure that the nominated account is registered in the individual or personal capacity performing the transaction and that you are authorised to transact on the account. A One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent to the email address as per the Equity Bank contact details for the nominated account. Complete the information on the Personal Details / Business Details page. The Withdraw amount must be in USD. View the quote and accept the terms and conditions. Review the information displayed on the confirmation screen and click on the confirm button to proceed with transaction. You will be redirected to PayPals website, where you need to login to the specified PayPal account and confirm the transaction. Once the transaction has been confirmed, you will be redirected back to the Equity Bank PayPal withdraw services page. On the results page you will see the transaction status and the transaction reference number. Click on the Finish button to complete the process. Your Equity bank account will be credited with the nett amount due to you after all fees have been deducted within 8 business days. Equity has provided Kenyans with an efficient service especially in business in Kenya.


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