Departments In the Kenya Revenue Authority

by Ekai Kaoo  - August 1, 2023

The Body was established in 1955 and is responsible for managing the nation’s income. The nation’s income is managed through the collection of taxes. It is not as simple as that since it involves five departments to make it successful. The body is operating in five regions in the country which include Central, Western, Rift Valley, Southern and Northern regions. It’s headquarter is in Nairobi. The departments are;

Domestic taxes department

It is consists of two divisions the income tax and the value added tax. The VAT replaced the sales taxes in 1990 to increase revenue collection at the level of consumers. Income tax is collected at the employer level. It is important to note that each department is managed by an official commissioner.

Custom department

This department ensures that no illegal goods enter the country. It is the largest department and is highly staffed due to its complex responsibilities. The department   manages the revenue collected from other departments.

The Support Department

It is involved with the everyday duties of the body. It functions internally and is concerned with duties like legal services, public relations and many others.

Road Transport Department

This department mainly deals with drivers and vehicles. It is responsible for licensing, collecting taxes, ensuring that all regulations of the road are adhered to. Those importing vehicles have to pass through this specific department.

Investigation and Enforcement Department

The department handles problems that come such as fraud and illegal evasion for taxes. It investigates all the issues ensuring that no illegal action is undertaken without prosecution.





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