Changes To Uwezo Fund Approved By MPs And Senators In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - November 11, 2022

Uwezo Fund in Kenya is a fund given to youths to boost entrepreneurial culture in Kenya. The youths in Kenya are to form groups and start businesses to apply for Uwezo Funds successfully. The aim of the Uwezo Fund is to boost the livilihood of the youths of Kenya and at the same time improve development and growth of Kenyan economy.

Uwezo fund was a proposed pledge by Hon Uhuru Kenyatta during his campaigns to power.

The MPs recently approved changes proposed by Senate Chambers in Kenya on the Uwezo Fund. Some of the changes that are to occur include the management of Uwezo Funds at the grassroot levels, with the Cabinet Secretary being responsible with appointment of youths and women representatives to the oversight body for management of the Uwezo Funds.

The Senate House in Kenya also proposed that Ksh 480 Million to be used as a capacity building fund for youths and women in Kenya, before they get access to the credit facilities of Uwezo Fund. 

The two houses in Kenya (MPs and Senate) will set their differences apart to serve Kenyans.

The Uwezo Fund website is at

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