Where To Find Fashion Stalls Around Fig-Tree Area In Ngara, Nairobi

by Wa Kimani  - August 1, 2023

Have you ever wondered where to get smart new dresses, shoes of all kinds, trench coats, smart sweaters and tops, men and women’s suits, smart trousers, boots, inner wear, dinner dresses, jeans, skirts, jackets, pencil trousers, African lesso and kitenge? Don’t wonder no more. Ngara stalls in Nairobi which are found along Murang’a Road a few minutes from the city of Nairobi is the place to go and get it all. These Ngara stalls are found all the way from Kahama Hotel in Nairobi area to way past JCC church in Nairobi, and on the opposite side from Makini Building near Visions Institute of Professionals on Paramount Plaza in Ngara to around Fig-Tree area and past that.

These Ngara stalls in Nairobi avail all the products you need, and due to competition from other fashion stalls and from the peddlers who sell along the corridors, the prices of the items are relatively affordable. You can get all types of various items of fashion. This is a place which attracts the attention of Nairobi workers from various sections of the city, including journalists and media group personalities. The Nairobi stall owners are hardworking persons who win your attention even before you get to their stall. The people passing by get to be updated on what the stalls are offering and what they have for you that suits your body shape and complexion and at what price. This way, these stall owners manage to get buyers who had no intention or had not budgeted to spend in the first place, but were fascinated by the good prices and various kinds of items offered. Unlike the Nairobi peddlers who are always running up and down from the police, these stalls have permits and therefore, you will shop without a hurry or worry of loss of goods in Nairobi. Need I say the obvious – you get to have a place to fit the clothes you want to purchase. You get a service in Nairobi that leaves you contented.

Don’t wonder all the places in Nairobi looking for what you can easily get in one place. The Ngara stalls are convenient distance wise and you can board any vehicle going past Ngara such as those heading to Eastleigh, Gachie, Ruaka, Banana, Gigiri, Thika road and among others as long as they are passing through Ngara area.

The other day, I was looking for fabulous, unique boots to wear to work in Nairobi. I managed to save some time to pass through Ngara area to do some shopping. I expected to just see the usual boots every Tom and Mary wear! To my shock and excitement, I got pretty special ankle-high black boots, with a little of fashion to make it an in trend item!! From then, I don’t think I will be shopping anywhere else any time soon!

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