Where To Buy Braids And Weaves In Nairobi City

by Wa Kimani  - August 1, 2023

Ever made rounds in the streets of Nairobi city looking for braids, weaves and other accessories? I can attest to the fact that this search is not a stroll in the park. It can be very daunting especially now that counterfeits are streaming in from left, right and center.  I had my own share of hardship a few months ago. I wanted to buy a chemical relaxer for my very African hair and decided to just get into one of the beauty points in our estate, Umoja in Nairobi for the chemical. I bought the pack for KSH 450, and the seller explained that relaxer and hair product prices were on the down-low in Kenya. Much to my relief, I was actually to buy the same product from one of the chain supermarkets like Turskys, Nakumatt, Ukwala or Naivas in Nairobi town for a whooping KSH 600. Little did I know I would end up regretting this mistake for a long time.

I went to a salon in Nyayo estate in Nairobi for the retouch process which takes about 30-45 minutes approximately. In 20 minutes though, my skin was already tingling from the burning sensation that chemical relaxers have on the scalp.  To avoid more serious burns, I had to wash out the relaxer immediately. Surprisingly, my hair was as natural and curly as it could get. The relaxer was a counterfeit. I had wasted my KSH 450 and done insurmountable damage to my hair.

Back to the case in point. There are very many stalls and shops in Nairobi that sell braids, weaves and other hair accessories in Nairobi town. The most famous hair products shop in Kenya being the Bestlady Cosmetics in Nairobi city. Bestlady Cosmetics in Kenya is a chain of outlets found as far as Eldoret town in Kenya. There is a Best lady outlet in Nairobi found along Moi avenue near the Galitos eatery and another bestlady outlet shop in Nairobi on Ronald Ngala Street near Naivas Supermarket in Nairobi.

There are also other Beauty and hair products shops in Nairobi along River road in Nairobi downtown area. Just at the Latema m- River road junction, there is a conglomerate of shops from Gawa Cosmetics in Nairobi to Urembo Beauty Centre in Nairobi. You are sure to find all sorts of weaves, braids and wigs in theses shops in Nairobi that retail in beauty products. Be careful when shopping along River road in Nairobi area though. These areas harbor loads of bag snatchers and pickpockets attributed to the large populations walking on the streets. It is advisable to tag a friend along when heading to these areas.

Finally, we have the supermarkets in Kenya. There are many supermarkets in Nairobi town that are stuffed with varieties of braids and other hair accessories in Kenya. If you are in the lower end of town, you have Nakumatt Moi avenue and Nakumatt Haile Sellasie in Nairobi city. Coming further up, there is Tuskys OTC, Tuskys Magic and Naivas Supermarket on Ronald Ngala Avenue in Nairobi. If you are in the up- town, there you have Nakumatt life style in Nairobi and Uchumi supermarkets in Kenya. These are supermarkets outlets where you will most definitely be spoilt for choice. You are guaranteed to find whatever it is that you are looking for.

The catch however lies in the prices. All these areas have varying prices, and as such it is up to you to look for the cheapest areas. Bargaining power is also relevant to all outlets but the supermarkets in Kenya.

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