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Tips On Where To Get Fancy Fashionable Clothes At Low Prices In Nairobi, Kenya

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If you want to get fancy clothes at low prices, Wait for Nairobi peddlers in the evening! Yes! I said wait for Nairobi peddlers in the evening. These hawkers of new trends in the city are usually all over the town in the evening. Clothes usually go for as low as Shs 100, whether trousers, skirts, sweater tops, smart tops, jumpers, tights, jeans, jackets, dresses, shorts among other many kinds of clothes. Those peddlers mostly take advantage of rush hour, when people are a lot in town while heading home from their places of work. The sellers of the commodities shout around about what they are selling and at how much it is going for to attract buyers. Passersby are usually attracted by sale of unique items or cheap prices. The clothes and other items sold by these people are usually in most cases second hand but unique items in Kenya. The peddlers in Kenya sell the items to everyone equally.

Among clothes, the hawkers in Nairobi also sell shoes, boots, accessories and jewellery, kitchen items, towels, novels and other books, nail polish, phone covers, and many other things. If there is a person who has a sweet tongue, it’s a hawker in Nairobi. You can just buy anything, including items you don’t even need. They know their business, and it is indeed an art! It has become like a way of life, and the law enforcers in Nairobi have taken a reluctant role in chasing the peddlers in Nairobi away hence allowing the sale to continue. Probably because they benefit from it too!

It’s a huge advantageous craze to buy from the peddlers! Your shopping distance is reduced, you get various places to choose from, you get the items at a low price, and you could also negotiate the price! Kenya is a place of plenty. It shows right from the streets of Nairobi. The Nairobi peddlers are usually found all the way from Ngara to Nairobi town  along the Murang’a Road and then to downtown towards Muthurwa area in Nairobi. Make your way one of these evening and you can get all you need just from the streets!

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Born in the vibrant heart of Nairobi, Kenya, Wa Kimani was always destined to stand out. From the colorful markets of her hometown to the world's most sophisticated art galleries and fashion runways, her journey has been one of relentless passion and unique insights into the world of fashion and art.

From an early age, Wa's love for patterns, textures, and colors was evident. As she grew, so did her inclination towards integrating traditional Kenyan elements into modern designs. Her family often recalled her incessant sketching and her knack for turning ordinary fabrics into extraordinary ensembles.

Wa's academic pursuits led her to one of Kenya's esteemed universities, where she majored in Fine Arts with a focus on contemporary African fashion. During her years in academia, she frequently contributed articles to local magazines, always stressing the symbiotic relationship between art and fashion.

After graduating, Wa ventured into the fashion journalism scene. She quickly gained recognition as an authoritative voice, blending her keen aesthetic eye with a profound understanding of Kenya's rich artistic heritage. Her articles, deeply rooted in both tradition and modernity, have since graced the pages of international fashion and art journals.

Today, Wa Kimani is celebrated not only as an accomplished writer but also as an advocate for the fusion of traditional African art with contemporary fashion. Through her writings and collaborations with designers and artists alike, she continually strives to showcase the beauty and depth of Kenyan culture to the global audience.

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