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Online Stores To Shop For Baby Clothes And Baby Toys In Kenya

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Shopping for babies in Kenya, especially unborn babies, can be such a hustle. This is because most people start shopping for babies in Kenya when they are about to give birth. It is hard to move around at this point especially at thrift shops and stalls in Nairobi. Most pregnant women rely heavily on the use of the internet in Kenya at this time. Shopping for babies online in Kenya is better than sending someone to do your shopping for you from the shops and stalls in Kenya. This is the beauty of online stores in Kenya. They bring the shopping experience in the comfort of your home through the internet in Kenya. One can simply add to cart, pay and deliveries for the online shopped items in Kenya will be made at your doorstep. Here are a few online and virtual baby shops in Kenya:

Smart babykenya.co.ke

Smart babykenya.co.ke is an online store in Kenya. The Smart babykenya.co.ke website is colourful and has a vast array of kid’s clothes, shoes and toys. The prices are very affordable at Smart babykenya.co.ke. This online babies shopping haven in Kenya is usually open 24 hours and 7 days a week, 24/7. The best thing about this online baby store in Kenya is that they deliver across the country. The online baby store in Kenya even deliver in Kisumu and Mombasa. The delivery fee of the online baby store in Kenya is Kshs 150. They offer dedicated customer care through email and phone calls to check up on the process of buy and sell at Smart babykenya.co.ke. The Smart babykenya.co.ke store in Kenya is however located in Gichugu Road in Kileleshwa in Nairobi. The Smart babykenya.co.ke in Kenya accepts payments via Mpesa and delivery take from 1to 3 days. The online website is www.smartbabykenya.co.ke


Kenyakidz.com is another colourful online shopping website in Kenya that is very personalized in service. Kenyakidz.com website in Kenya deals with all things for children and mothers to shop online. Kenyakidz.com has a section for news where they inform Kenyans of children events in Kenya. For example if there is a fun day in a certain area in Nairobi, details about the children event will be uploaded on Kenyakidz.com website and parents and guardians can decide on which events to attend. Kenyakidz.com also has a column about kids’ health and it informs parents on useful tips to bringing up a child in Kenya. Kenyakidz.com website also caters for school going children. Kenyakidz.com is a website that every parent should read on www.kenyakidz.com


Totowrapslingskenya.com is a great online shopping website in Kenya that focuses on one product alone. Totowrapslingskenya.com focuses on the kids` carrier. Carriers are a great way to move around with your baby in Kenya. A kid carrier in Kenya enables you to carry your baby on your front or your back. Kid Carriers in Kenya comes in handy especially on the cold seasons when one does not want the chill to get to the baby. Babies are very delicate and they easily catch colds especially with the cold weather in Kenya. It is essential that babies are always shielded with baby carriers in Kenya. Totowrapslingskenya.com website has a range of designs to choose from depending on personal taste. Totowrapslingskenya.com website is on www.totowrapslingskenya.com


Totosclothingkenya.com is a website that is hosted by wordpress in Kenya. Totosclothingkenya.com also has great products like baby walkers and toys. The best thing is that this baby shopping website in Kenya has various categories to choose from. The children products available for shopping online in Kenya on Totosclothingkenya.com range from children shoes, baby clothing, baby accessories, baby feeding pieces, baby toiletries, nursery furnishings and maternity products. This site is colourful and accessible through www.totosclothingkenya.com.

Shopping online in Kenya is the new craze in town. These are not the only sites to get baby stuff in Kenya. There are a variety of groups on facebook and also individuals that engage in social media marketing in Kenya and one would find great things to shop there. There are also various sites like OLX in Kenya where one would buy toys and baby walkers from a seller within your location of residence in Kenya.

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