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Kenya Fashion Week Event In Nairobi: Where Kenya Stands In The Fashion Industry

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Kenya has shown progress in the Fashion Industry through having creative fashion designers in Kenya with glamorous pieces from our traditions and in the latest designs. These Kenyan fashion designers participate and showcase their pieces during functions such as fashion week event in Kenya. A fashion week event in Kenya is a fashion industry event, lasting approximately one week, which allows fashion designers from Kenya and abroad to display their latest collections in runway shows, and buyers and the media in Kenya to take a look at the latest trends. This is a good way of marketing the fashion designs in Kenya that are for that particular season. Most importantly, these fashion events in Kenya let the fashion industry in Kenya know what is in season and what is out for the season in Kenya.

In Kenya, the recent 2013 Fashion Week Event in Kenya was the 4th season of the event in Kenya. Fashion week in the world usually happen twice a year in the major fashion capitals of the world such as Paris, Milan, New York and London. The Kenya Fashion Week emulated these fashion capitals in the world, where all the fashion designers in Kenya and those in diaspora came together and organized the Fashion week event. Fashion Week events in Kenya are held several months in advance of the season in Kenya to allow the press and media in Kenya, the buyers or Kenyans and the varios fashion business entreprenuers in Kenya to preview fashion designs in Kenya for the following season. This also allows retailers in Kenya to arrange for purchases or incorporate the Kenyan fashion designers into their retail marketing in Kenya. During Fashion Week Event in Kenya, the latest innovations in dress designs in Kenya are showcased by renowned fashion designers in Kenya or from other parts of the world, and all these latest fashion collections in Kenya are covered in magazines and newspapers in Kenya. Most magazines in Kenya such as the many fashion magazines in Kenya such as Kenyan Stylista, Fesheni Magazine, pulse, L & S Fashion Magazines among many others usually cover the Fashion Events in Kenya.

Kenya Fashion Week started under different names in season one to three; it was Trendz Kenya Fashion Festival, then became Sub Saharan Africa\’s most beloved Fashion Event, and in season 3, it was called Brain Child of Sonu Sharma. Now on to its forth season in Kenya, the event gained the name Kenya Fashion Week.┬áThe Kenya Fashion Week event has become a focus for a broader base of fashion linked activities with mainstream regional and international designers, high profile labels, sponsors in Kenya and media choosing to align with this event. This has opened doors for the growth of Kenyan fashion to keep up with the ever revolving world. Kenya Fashion Week sponsor is Brand Vaseline which is co-sponsored by Samsung Electronics and Jameson Select.

Well, the Kenya fashion week has the aim of exposing Kenya as an established fashion and urban lifestyle capital of Africa. This makes Kenya a target of many buyers and promoters of the Kenyan fashion designers. The fashion week also attract competition which leads to growth of fashion in Kenya. Other objectives of this fashion week include building relationships, creating opportunities and encouraging excellence in quality. When there is a place to show your designs and get to attract retailers, buyers and the media, then the designers are motivated to work hard and come up with new pieces for different seasons.

The last Kenya fashion week was held on 24 Aug 2013 at Villa Rosa Kempinski Hotel in Nairobi. Villa Rosa Kempinski hotel in Kenya is located in Westlands in Nairobi. Kenya Fashion Week 2013 consisted of various fine designers from Africa and around the world showcasing exquisite collections, world class entertainment, exhibits of lifestyle and luxury products and services, VIP Red Carpet Dinner and reception and the after party. The efforts of these fashion promoters in Kenya should be recognized as they strive to contribute to the world of Fashion with the endearing support of the Fashion Fraternity in Kenya and organizing this event.

Such a fashion week event in Kenya includes exhibits, runway shows and the party part for exchange of ideas and where the designers get contacts and contracts from potential buyers in Kenya who are in attendance. This is a way of contributing to togetherness of Kenya and a way of promoting growth of our economy. This allows Kenyans to become aware of the designs that can be created within and from outside our country and for them to choose from a variety. So the next time a fashion week is held in Kenya, ensure you attend, you might get that particular design that will set you apart in the crowd!

Through the Diaspora fashion designers invited to The Kenya Fashion Week in Kenya, who choose to market their country while living abroad, Kenya will eventually gain more fame and popularity in fashion industry in the world. This will make our nation to be the target of many to get original fabrics from Kenya and designs which are traditional and from our own Kenyan culture. We indeed have beautiful cultural fabric and designs in Kenya; all we need is a little more exposure to the world.

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Born in the vibrant heart of Nairobi, Kenya, Wa Kimani was always destined to stand out. From the colorful markets of her hometown to the world's most sophisticated art galleries and fashion runways, her journey has been one of relentless passion and unique insights into the world of fashion and art.

From an early age, Wa's love for patterns, textures, and colors was evident. As she grew, so did her inclination towards integrating traditional Kenyan elements into modern designs. Her family often recalled her incessant sketching and her knack for turning ordinary fabrics into extraordinary ensembles.

Wa's academic pursuits led her to one of Kenya's esteemed universities, where she majored in Fine Arts with a focus on contemporary African fashion. During her years in academia, she frequently contributed articles to local magazines, always stressing the symbiotic relationship between art and fashion.

After graduating, Wa ventured into the fashion journalism scene. She quickly gained recognition as an authoritative voice, blending her keen aesthetic eye with a profound understanding of Kenya's rich artistic heritage. Her articles, deeply rooted in both tradition and modernity, have since graced the pages of international fashion and art journals.

Today, Wa Kimani is celebrated not only as an accomplished writer but also as an advocate for the fusion of traditional African art with contemporary fashion. Through her writings and collaborations with designers and artists alike, she continually strives to showcase the beauty and depth of Kenyan culture to the global audience.

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