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How To Rock Your Trench Coat In Warm Weather In Kenya

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Every lady in Nairobi has a trench coat. There is a song by Cake wanting a girl in a short skirt and a long jacket, that’s probably every girl in the city of Nairobi these days! If you spot a lady in town without a trench coat on, then it is safely tucked somewhere in their closets waiting for the temperatures to drop. Good news is you can actually work your trench coats even in the warm weather ladies! Here are a few tips: the trick lies in having the trench unbuttoned!

Trench and white denim

The white denim pants cool down the “heat” effect by having a trench coat on. White is known to reflect heat and as such keep you relatively cool as compared to black.

Trench and black mini

This is my personal favorite look. Wearing that little black dress and a trench coat of a different color- from bolds to ash gives a million dollar look. Try it some time, and couple it up with a nice pair of stilettos.

Trench and denim cut offs

This is a more daring look. Frayed cut offs or rather shorts work best as compared to neatly hemmed shorts. Again this is a looked designed for the slimmer silhouettes. Fuller ladies are advised to stay away from this look as the short length of the cut offs attract too much attention-negatively. Complete the look with a pair of knee or mid calf boots

Trench and all white

This look works as in the first case. Wearing a little white dress and a trench, (remember, unbuttoned trench) gives a classy and chic look. Add on a pair of heels preferably of a bold or dark color to give life to the white. Oh, and not to forget the clutch bag!

One other very important thing about trench coats: Flared trousers and trench coats are the ultimate fashion disaster!! If you are to rock a trench coat, do so with boot cut skinny jeans, tights or jeggings. Long dresses and skirts tend to bring in a “trench-dress competition” effect for length. If you settle on skirts and dresses make sure it is shorter than the trench. Trench coats work well with almost all types of shoes. From heels to flats, ankle to knee boots, name it. Even for those who cannot keep their balance on high heeled shoes, take a relax pill! Flats are perfectly fine!!! Trench coats are cool and classic and lend a polished vibe to your look. They can be worn on week days and weekends, on laid off days and on first dates. It transcends through seasons, years and trends. One of the best things about the trench coat is that you can really personalize how you wear it-left casually open, buttoned all the way, knotted, or belted-plus there are a slew of chic styles to choose from too. The trench coat is a must have timeless, trendy and versatile piece of garment even for the men too!

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