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How To Dress For The Cold Weather In Kenya

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The cold and frigid weather in Kenya is here with us again. Kenya enjoys a rather warm tropical climate most months of the year. However the months of June, July and August get very cold for Kenyans. Kenya also experiences a cold season during the months of March and October, over the long and short rains respectively.

Everybody in Kenya is trying to keep warm during these cold periods. The frigid weather also demands that we wear appropriate shoes to keep our feet warm. Kenyans are lucky that temperatures do not fall as much as they do in other European countries experiencing winter seasons. As such, Kenyans are able to cope up with the sudden weather changes rather comfortably.

It is advisable that you wear high polyester garments next to your skin during the cold weather in Kenya. Polyester helps to keep your skin dry and warm. Unlike cotton that absorbs body moisture and leaves you with a clammy feeling, polyester which has a wider surface area carries the sweat away from your body and spreads it out leaving you feeling dry. You could then add a woollen blouse or shirt over your inner polyester garment depending on how low temperatures are. You should wear a water resistant jacket, preferably with a hood to keep off water from seeping into your inner garments.

Kenyans should avoid wearing sandals and all kinds of open shoes during the cold weather. Exposing your feet to cold temperatures could give your feet cold sores. You will also not able to maneuver through muddy areas when in open shoes. Being in closed shoes will ensure that your feet feel warm throughout the day. It will also ease your time in the bathroom as you do not have to scrape layers of mud off your feet.

Scarfs also come in handy during the cold season in Kenya. They help you keep your neck and chest area warm all through. For this kind of weather in Kenya, woollen scarfs are best suited. Gloves too can be worn if you don’t need to use your hands much. You could also add a beret hat or a woollen marvin hat to ensure that even your head stays warm.

Kenyans are advised to take hot drinks such as cocoa and tea. You will notice that with a cup of hot you will generate so much warmth that you possibly won’t need so much clothing to keep warm.  With these tips, you are well braced for the cold season.

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