How to dress your body shape

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How to dress your body shape


1b6fafa6ec​We have all been gifted with different body types. The fact that I may be slender does not mean that the other person who is full figured looks bad; they perhaps just don’t know how to dress their body shape to make it more appealing.

The Pear Shaped Figure

This figure means that the top, shoulders and bust are smaller than the hips. For this figure avoid clinging skirts and pants. Instead go for wide bottom pants, skirts that are A-shaped and chose dark coloured pants and skirts. Choose light coloured tops. Jackets and tops should just cut off at the beginning of the hips and anything longer will emphasise the hips. Slender belts would work better. Try pointed toe shoes to elongate your legs. Your best assets are your arms show them off!

The Hour Glass Figure

This is definitely the ideal figure and you could get away with almost anything. Your best asset is your waist. Any kind of belt would definitely do the trick. Dresses often go well with this body type.

The Rectangle

This is the boyish look where the hips, waist and bust are the same size. Tops with collars, ruffles or frills always work well. Wear long jackets to even the masculine look. Go for colourful clothes to create that girlie image. Dresses and skirts that are knee length are also good for your shape.

The Wedge/ Inverted Triangle Body Shape

This body type means that the shoulders and bust are bigger than the hips. Avoid Spaghetti Strap and boat neck line tops, instead choose empire tops. Go for high waist styles choosing bright colours for bottoms and dark colours for tops. Short skirts and dresses often do the trick. Flared pants are also good for taking attention away from the upper body. Your greatest assets are your legs and waist find ways of showing them off.

In fashion it is not about what to tuck in or chip off, instead it is about using and maximising your assets and taking away focus from your weak areas. It is about choosing the best colours and shoes and after getting it right on the colours and styles add a touch of confidence and walk the streets like a million dollars. That is how you create that wow image.

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