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32 tips on how to wear brighter colours this time round colour is hot 1



by Lucy Wanjiku Mwangi

There some tips on what to wear, how and where to wear it. Start with what you already have-dig out those fun pieces that you haven’t worn in years and join me in this journey of eclectic style. I know, all too well that there is a budding fashion enthusiast in every one of you. However, the most important thing I must emphasize when incorporating fashion trends into your wardrobe is not to go ballistic and change your entire wardrobe! That is my personal disclaimer to you. Find ways to work with what you have and add to it by getting one or two signature pieces and accessories in the latest trend. I also urge people to start embracing the African and Kenyan styles.

These local fashion designers are more attractive and brings out beauty of our culture and not only that, you get your own unique pieces and the local designers are keeping up with the international designers to keep you up to date. This time around I want us to experiment with colour. Colour is hot! Bright, bold, ‘in your face’ colour! Remember when you were four years old, and you’d try to run to the end of the rainbow just so that you could touch it? Remember when the most fascinating toy you had probably was the brightest in the lot? Well, this time around I would like us to dig deep and bring out the inner child that is in all of us- the one that simply fascinated by colour- and adorn yourself. When am talking of colour, I mean the primary and secondary colours, your rainbow colours.

The brighter the colour, the more exciting, cheerful and fun it is. The interesting part about wearing colour in this day and age is that it doesn’t have to match. You could go monochrome which is different shades of the same colour, or you can wear contrasting colours which are complete opposites, or you could go with complementary colours, which is combining colours which obviously go well together. So there is no need to fear the colourful trend- it works any way you put it together.

 My personal favourites are John Kaveke’s turquoise blue linen suit matched with a completely contrasting orange shirt; Poisa’s yellow high waist shorts with a blue and yellow top and these Kenyan designed shoes by John Kaveke and Afro Street collections.

Well when it comes to going out, to dinner parties, to office parties, family functions, festive parties, and the many random cocktail parties start to build up some outfits from you got in your wardrobe. This means your social life is in existent! Though it can be hard to decide what to wear and where to wear it, but trust me, its not just you feeling flustered, everyone is!

What can you wear to stand out in a crowd or to add a little flair to a seemingly dull outfit? Well, fashion designer Bill Blass, put it best by saying, “when in doubt, wear RED.” Red is not only exciting, stimulating and sensuous colour, but is also the epitome of most festivities and one of the main colours in trend at the moment. The cynic reading this may be thinking whether it’s not too clichéd to wear red in most occasions and during festive seasons such as Christmas and Easter, but take it from me- it’s not! It’s actually pretty awesome. I’m not too sure I would say the same for valentine day though.

If you really to stand out in the crowds, you would rather go for the brighter colours and match the outfit with appropriate heels. However, if you are not that courageous, don’t be disheartened, break the outfits apart and match them with your favourite neutral pieces. You could also add shades of red into your look with the right accessories.

What to relax in during your time off, I suggest toning down the colour just a tad. However, keep the fabrics light and fun. Breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, chiffon and silk are not only the most appropriate for Kenyan weather, but they also come in more vibrant and exciting cuts. You want the flexibility of lazing around and or running up and down with the younger ones but still look like you put some thought into your outfit. When it comes to kid’s fashion, the rainbow is the limit! I suggest taking the risk and letting them to select what they want to wear because remember, with colour you can’t really go wrong. The kids need to be kept in fun cotton pieces they can run around in and get as dirty as they wish.

 There are also a lot of accessories also available, feel free to throw them on and bring out the future fashionista in them. Imagine, you are in your nice linen outfit on a chilled sunny day, and you top it all off with a white hat. Simply fabulous! What else can I say- you just have to have a killer pair of shades (or two) to complete your look.


Article source: https://www.zakenya.com/Fashion/32-TIPS-ON-HOW-TO-WEAR-BRIGHTER-COLOURS-THIS-TIME-ROUND-Colour-is-hot.html




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