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How to attain an hourglass body shape

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How to attain an hourglass body shape


How to lose belly fat??? Getting rid of cellulite??These are some of the most searched topics on Google and more so by the female counterparts. Having that hour glass shape popularly referred to as ‘figure 8’ is something that all girls would die for.  An hour glass shape is defined where the bust and hip measurements are at least ten inches wider than the waist. Think hourglass, think Kenyan Vera Sidika! Vera has a wasp waist coupled with a full upper and lower endowment. That is the kind of body shape that all Nairobi girls would want to have-right?

We have on the other extreme, the dreaded muffin top shape. I tend to think that this is a somewhat funny name. Muffin top? Really? Anyway, this is the effect created by tight low rise trousers that sit on your hips. The lower back flesh tends to form a tyre? And falls over the waist n walaaaa! A muffin top! This is the most dreaded of body shapes.

Body shapes are in most cases gene defined, but you can work to almost get an hour glass shape. Corset training is an extreme solution whereby your waist gets reduced by inches. Then of course there is the lipo-sunction option which I do not advocate for. Going the natural is always the best way.

Dressing the part! Yes, this is a key component of image. To achieve that coveted hourglass shape accentuates your waist by wearing belts and clothes that nip in at the waist. The right clothes can definitely create the illusion of a tiny waist. Jackets with padded shoulders also tend to add bulge to the upper torso and create a tiny waist illusion

Always opt for high rise jeans as opposed to low cut jeans. Low rise jeans usually push up even the least of belly fat thus creating a muffin top shape. High rise jeans however sit above your hips and ensure that any visible fat is well tucked in. Dark coloured jeans also tend to complement curvy figures. They make the legs appear slimmer and the bum wider helping you achieve the hourglass shape.  Lighter colours are best suited on slimmer silhouettes.

Wearing properly fitting clothes to reveal that created hourglass works magic. High heels are a perfect accompaniment to this image. High heels generally tend to lift the bum and cause the legs to look longer and better toned. High heels give a woman a good posture and an awesome wiggle. If you can, try out a pair of three inch shoes with this figure!

Finally, well fitting push up bras are the last add on to this look. These work well especially for women who are not much endowed. Hour glass figures are known for their fuller busts. A bra with an under wire helps in lifting the bust while a padded bra helps to increase bust size in appearance.

Girls, therein lies the secret.  It is time to work the magic, without necessarily killing yourselves in the gym.

Article source: https://www.zakenya.com/Fashion/125-How-to-attain-an-hourglass-body-shape.html



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