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Ways Government Use To Reclaimed Land In Kenya

ways government use to reclaimed land in kenya 1


Land in kenya is appreciating each and everyday and the number of people demanding it are continually in the rise.It is advisable for the government to get good ways that they can use land that is reclaimed for the purposes of ensuring that kenyans benefit much from the resources controlled by the government.The following are some of the major ways of how the government can put to use recliamed land.

Planting trees

Trees are very important natural resources for the country and there is high need for the government to find a stable way of ensuring that it has very large portion of land being covered by trees.Major uses of trees include acting as a source of timber for making furniture,acting as ater catchment areas and source of fuel at homes.

IDP Resettlement

The land that is found not to be in urgent use can be used by the government for the purposes of acting as a home for majority of kenyans that have been displaced from their original homes and wish to find some important activities to carryout.The internally displaced persons can be given such lands that they ca use to farm and help the country to be more productive by encouraging more farming and agricultural production.


The country is in high need of stable irrigation systems that can propel the country forward and boost much of the agricultuarl produce being exported to the market countries.Irrigation is being used for growing crops and it is good if the government took the initiative of ensuring that the land found to be idle is well distributed to the needed parties of agriculture

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