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The Most Endangered Wildlife In Kenya

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While much wildlife in Kenya has a good life, a number of animals are threatened their existence. Here are some of the most important ones. Two of the most important threats to wildlife in Kenya are loss or destruction of their natural habitat due to the spreading farms and cities, and merciless poaching for their exotic horns, skins and bush meat.

Unions and organisations have been created to try and conserve, but it’s our responsibility as Kenyans to protect them. Below are some Kenyan animal species to concern for here in Kenya:

  • The black rhino – it’s probably Kenya’s most endangered large mammal. It’s commonly poached for its horn and it’s faced with relentless poaching by heavily armed gangs. Foundations like Rhino ark (www.rhinoark.org) have been formed to create rhino sanctuaries and donations are always appreciated.
  • African Elephant – although it’s not technically endangered, it is often a target of poachers. Elephants can be found in the central part of the country as well in the South west regions. A number of them are killed every year, especially in the area around Tsavo East National park. Current elephant numbers are worrying but with stiff rules imposed by the government and the help of various conservation organization. The species is recovering in terms of population.
  • Cheetah – they live in central and south western Kenyan, they are approximately 700 cheetahs in Kenya, like many large cats, they are often hunted by farmers who are trying to protect their cattle from predators. Infact this is a common problem for much of the big cat family wildlife in Kenya.

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