Mineral Resources In Kenya

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Besides Kenya’s rich wildlife heritage and agricultural land, the country is blessed with a number of important mineral resources scattered within its territorial borders. Some of the minerals are already being produced for commercial purposes while others remain untouched in spite of having already been discovered.

Mineral Resources And Their Areas Of Occurrence

  • Gold: Kakamega Gold Fields, Macaulder, Asembo bay

  • Sodium: Lake Magadi, Magadi Mine

  • Manganese: Mrima Hill, Gilgil, Kiwara Hill

  • Nickel: West Pokot

  • Graphite: Oldoinyo Nyiro

  • Silver Kinagoni Geomin

  • Cobalt: Lake Magadi

  • Chromium: West Pokot

  • Lead: Kinagoni Geomin

  • Flourine-flourite: Kerio Valley

  • Magnesite: Kapoponi, Kitui

  • Halite: Lake Magadi

  • Niobium (Columbium): Mrima Hill

  • Wollastonite: Lolkidongai

  • Naturalgas and oil in Turkana

There are other minerals in Kenya. However, most of them are either under-utilized or not utilized at all. Perhaps, this are preserves of the future, with more being discovered day in day out.

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